Year One

Upon moving to Philadelphia, I challenged myself to draw one page of comics about every week that went by for my entire first year in a new city. I ended up drawing 2-3 pages a week, coming up with the 129 page book that I self-published in 2012. You can read this entire thing here or buy it here.

Week 18: 8/15/11 – 8/21/11 – Friendship Fumble

Pg. 41

Ramsey (on phone): “Actually my new roommies are out of town this week. I have the house all to myself.”

“It’s perfect. I feel like I haven’t been in Philly in so long.”

“I have so many little things to catch up on. It’ll be great to have no distractions.”

Ramsey (thinking): “It’s not even hot out but I’m not going to wear clothes just because I don’t have to.”

“Finally catching up!”

“This is the perfect song for the goodbye kettner mix.”

Ramsey (thinking): “Having a long distance crush is essentially the same as middle school romance.”

Pg. 42

Mop, mop, mop.

Rover (thinking): “Cool Friday night, Rams.”


Ramsey (thinking): “Please don’t let the power go out.”

“finally. some sun.”

Ramsey: “Are you guys excited for New York?”

Sarah: “Yeah, it’s been great being there this week already. Our place is looking so nice!”

Ryan: “Now that we have the last of our things it feels real. We live in New York.”

Amy: “Sarah, does NYU start next week? Ryan, when do you start teaching?”

Ramsey: “Kettner, I can’t believe you leave tomorrow. You excited? And Cody, when do you leave?”

Kettner: “Ugh. I know. I’m so nervous. I don’t think I’ll even sleep tonight.”

Cody: “Next week. But I’ll be back in a few months.”

Ramsey (thinking): “It just dawned on me that maybe I did my first Philly summer wrong. I spent all my weekends out of town and all my weeks in Philly catching up on work.”

“The only time I even socialized this week was to say goodbye to the four people that I’ve known longest here. I need to work harder at this friend thing.”


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