Year One

Upon moving to Philadelphia, I challenged myself to draw one page of comics about every week that went by for my entire first year in a new city. I ended up drawing 2-3 pages a week, coming up with the 129 page book that I self-published in 2012. You can read this entire thing here or buy it here.

Week 16: 8/2/11 – 8/7/11 – Family Battles

Pg. 36

Ramsey (on the phone with dad): “I can’t come all the way to Michigan this weekend! I need SOME notice. I’m going to be in DC…  Yeah… I’m free next weekend, I guess. Okay.”

“But things are really hectic around here. My new roommates move in that weekend!”

Dad: “Okay, all set. How were you thinking we would get Rover in? Just lift him up?”

Ramsey: “Hm…yeah. Probably. Come on, Rover. Hop on up. Up here, buddy.”

Rover (thinking): “duh.”

Dad: “Ha! Well THAT was a lot easier than I had expected.”

Ramsey: “Jeez. What a pro. Easiest dog ever.”

Rover (thinking): “They don’t give me nearly enough credit.”

Dad: “Okay then. Let’s get going while we have some light.”

Ramsey (thinking): My life is weird.”

Pg. 37

Mom: “Hey Sweetie! Welcome home. You guys got back late, huh?”

“Your brother is out with friends. He’ll be back soon.”

Ramsey: “Hey Abe. Welcome back! How is Taiwan? I bet it feels great to visit after so long! I’m glad I made it home to see you.”

Abe: “He Rams. Thanks for coming.”

Rosemary: “She didn’t even give us advanced notice.”

Mom: “It’s your nephew. It’s not a choice.”

R: “Why do we have to go to a baptism? We’re not religious at all.”

Ramsey: “We’re going to show support, duh.”

“Awww, I missed you buddies.”

Dad: “Ivy, How does American Chinese food compare?”

Sue: “Oh, I bet it’s SO different.”

Ivy: “Saltier & sweet.”

Abe: “Should I take Tommy to calm him?

R: “Sigh…

Rachel: “He doesn’t want to sit! Asher, sit down. Come on…”

Rosemary: “Rach, get them to be quiet! It’s bothering people.

Thomas: I tired.

Asher: Waaahhhhhh! Wahhh!

Ramsey: “It’s fine, Rose. She’s trying. They’re just sleepy.


Pg. 38

Ramsey: “I’m back from getting Rosemary. Where’s Abe? Did anyone figure out the plan for dinner?”

Mom: “He’s still not back. I don’t know. I’m staying out of this.”

“I give up trying to organize everyone. Dad will take you out.”

Abe: “Hey guys! I’m home.”

Rosemary: “It’s about time. Jeez.”

Ramsey: “You said you would be home in 2 hours! It’s been 6!”

Mom: “Could’ve called…”


Ramsey: “Another family outing? I really need to get back to Philly…”

Dad: “Oh, don’t worry. We’ll be in the air by noon.”

Ramsey: “Sigh… If you say so.”

Ramsey (thinking): “so much for getting home early.”

“I really just need some time to decompress.”

“but I’m going straight home to new roommates that I don’t really even know.”

Jacob: “I mad dinner. I put a plate for you in the fridge.”

Lizz: “How was your trip?”

Ramsey: “Hey! Welcome to our house.”

Ramsey (thinking): “Ah… maybe this isn’t so bad.”

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