Year One

Upon moving to Philadelphia, I challenged myself to draw one page of comics about every week that went by for my entire first year in a new city. I ended up drawing 2-3 pages a week, coming up with the 129 page book that I self-published in 2012. You can read this entire thing here or buy it here.

Week 13: 7/11/11 – 7/18/11 – B.R.E.A.M.

Pg. 30

Amy Leigh: “You’re sure you don’t mind me staying all week?”

Ramsey: “Pshh… Of course not! We’re long distance BFF’s!”

“Besides, who else am I gonna watch rom-coms and talk about babes with?

Amy Leigh (thinking): “I wish he would just move to Toronto already…”

Ramsey (thinking): “For once I have some crushes and none of them live in Philly…”

Ramsey: “Whose idea was it to watch a rom com bout long-distance romance?”

Amy Leigh: “Remember that girl at Babefest… I mean, Clitfest? She had short brown hair and a black and white striped skirt and red lipstick?”

“Ugh… I want to marry her. Then I’d be a U.S. Citizen too!”

Ramsey: “What about that taller guy with the beard? He played in that band and had that one tattoo?”

“Phew! Be still my heart.”

Pg. 31

Babes in the coffeeshop: “Just a small coffee please.”

Amy Leigh: “Holy jeez.”

Ramsey: “They’re everywhere.”

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