Year One

Upon moving to Philadelphia, I challenged myself to draw one page of comics about every week that went by for my entire first year in a new city. I ended up drawing 2-3 pages a week, coming up with the 129 page book that I self-published in 2012. You can read this entire thing here or buy it here.

Week 12: 7/4/11 – 7/10/11 – Location is Everything

Pg. 27

Kettner: “Hey Rams. How was your trip?”

Ramsey: “It was nice. I saw that you got into school! I can’t believe you’re moving.”

Kettner: “I know… Don’t remind me. Being at this is totally the last thing I need, too.”

Ramsey: “Huh? What do you mean! This is so much fun!”

Kettner: “Exactly! Like, fuck… I know I’m not going to find a circle of friends like this anywhere else.”

Ramsey: “Yeah, y’all have something really special here. Visiting Chicago just confirmed how lucky I feel to have chanced upon this social group. You’re probably right that you won’t find anything like this… but you’ll find something else that will be good in it’s own way, even if it’s not the same.”

“Kettner: “Ugh. Don’t remind me.”

Pg. 28

Ramsey: It’s not just Philly though. It’s the DIY scene on the east coast…

Jen: “I’m so glad y’all came down to DC for this!”

Ramsey: “I’m super glad YOU got to. I can’t wait to see the Ambulars play. I love your band. Move here from Chicago already!”

Pg. 29

Ramsey: It’s so easy to take weekend trips… and establish lasting relationships with people from all over.

Mikey: “I drank too much coffee. I feel crazy!”

Ramsey: “lightweight.”

Mikey: “So, you’ll be back in a few weekends?”

Ramsey: “Yeah! We’re coming down for DC Zine Fest. It’ll be nice to be back so soon.”

Emili: “This was such a great weekend.”

Ramsey: “This has been such a great month!”

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