Year One

Upon moving to Philadelphia, I challenged myself to draw one page of comics about every week that went by for my entire first year in a new city. I ended up drawing 2-3 pages a week, coming up with the 129 page book that I self-published in 2012. You can read this entire thing here or buy it here.

Week 11: 6/27/11 – 7/3/11 – Home Sweet Homes

Pg. 24

Ramsey: “I love being in Michigan but three days at home is usually about right.”

Daniel: “Sorry I have to go to this thing while you’re here. I’ll be home from the conference at around 4 and then maybe we can go to the gym!”

Ramsey: “No problem. Thanks for letting me use your car for the week.”

Ramsey (thinking): “It feels really great to be back in Chicago but there are really only a few people I would try to see.”

“I’m mostly excited to go to all my favorite places that I used to sit around at working on things alone…”

“like my favorite coffeeshop drawing spot – the wormhole…”

“and the beach.”

Pg. 25

Daniel: “The workshop I taught went really well. I’m exhausted though. What did you end up doing today?”

Ramsey: “Haha, I just worked on comics actually. Everyone was at work.”

Daniel: “What?? You didn’t even hang out with anyone today?”

Ramsey: “I just felt like drawing… but also, I mean… that’s why I left Chicago. I never made that many close friends here.”

Daniel: “Yeah.”

Ramsey: “but…the friends I do have here are some of the very best.”

Matt: “When are we getting our Chicago buddy tattoos?”

Ramsey: “Maybe n the fall when I visit next?”

Leslie: “It really is so bad.”

Ramsey: “This is actually the worst rom-com ever.”

Sarah: “yep.”

Pg. 26

Ramsey: “This ended up being a really nice, relaxing trip. It’s weird now that we don’t have any more visits planned. I might not see you for half a year.”

Daniel: “I hadn’t really even thought of that. We’ve seen each other so much since you moved… I’m sure I’ll get a shoot out that way in the next few months or something.”


Ramsey: “Thanks so much for getting me from the airport, Todd.”

Todd: “Of course. You’re coming to the sleepover camp-out pool party at my parents’ house, right?”

Ramsey: “Sigh. It’s good to be back. I can’t wait.”

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