Year One

Upon moving to Philadelphia, I challenged myself to draw one page of comics about every week that went by for my entire first year in a new city. I ended up drawing 2-3 pages a week, coming up with the 129 page book that I self-published in 2012. You can read this entire thing here or buy it here.

Week 10: 6/20/11 – 6/26/11 – The Ambush

Pg. 22

Ramsey: “Rover, I don’t feel like doing anything or seeing anyone. I think I’m in a rut. I feel so restless this week. Life is the worst.”

Rover (thinking): “girl, please…”

Ramsey: “At least I’m going out of town this week. That should help.”


Ramsey: “Thanks for picking me up from the airport, D.”

“Are you sure you don’t mind coming to Michigan for this? Weddings can be so boring.”

Daniel: “I like weddings! There’s booze and I love to dance. Plus, I like all your friends from home.”

Pg. 23

Daniel: “This part of Michigan is so beautiful!”

Merry: “Rams, as your oldest and best friends, we need to talk.”

Ramsey: “Ok… of course. What is it?”

Merry: “We want you to know that we see you and Daniel together and we know that he’s “the one” for you. It’s obvious that you’re in love still and are meant for each other so you gotta figure it out.”

Ramsey: “I know. It’s hard to explain. We’re extremely compatible and do still love each other but we have a lot to learn from other people still. We’ve just never really believed in “the one.””

“I’m sorry.”

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