The Dawn of a New Era

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I’ve been making “picture posts” on my livejournal for the past six years! Livejournal is on a rapid downward spiral (and I mean… really, it’s livejournal. I was just holding out for nostalgia’s sake) so I decided I should consolidate my web presence and start incorporating my photo blog onto my normal website. Soon I’ll have all the past archives imported onto this blog, but for now, here’s my first post to the new version of my photo blog. Follow it in your RSS, perhaps? So long, livejournal. It’s been a really long run (I’m still gonna post some 2001 style diary entries, though they’ll be friends-only. If you’re a hold-out like me and still have a livejournal account, add me as a friend if you feel like reading some real-talk: username:ramseysux).


For those of you reading my comics, this might be a fun way to see the real life versions of everything I’m drawing about!

THIS POST CONTAINS: the rest of amy leigh’s visit, grindcore, govindas, aussies, dirty dancing, batting cages for karen’s birthday, and swimming in the logan square fountain


amy leigh stayed for a week after clitfest. it was super fun to have her around. i wish she’d move to philly already. we went down to grindcore to hang out for a bit. kettner was there, as usual, because it’s his drawing spot. it bums me out that in a month i won’t walk in there and be able to sit down and draw with him. it’s been really rad to have a supportive comics buddy within my circle of friends. kett is moving to california to go to grad school.
grindcore drawing sessions


after grindcore, we went to govindas and met up with karen and emily for vegan chicken cheesesteaks. this is the place you always end up going to when someone comes to town because everyone knows about it from other cities.


jesse riggins stopped by with her nanny family’s dog because they live right around the corner


goodbyes, since amy was leaving in a day or two


we raced a storm back to west philly. but fortunately, the storm never came


we hung out on the south street bridge for a minute on the way home
south street bridge




then we went to the bathhouse, where dawn, jesse, and kristen live


rover came too since it’s walking distance from my house


i had the following day off from work which was rad since it was amy leigh’s last day in philly. we went to satellite to get some work done but ended up randomly meeting these australian folks who were traveling around.
randomly meeting aussies


we all made a plan to hang later in the day, then amy and i went back and made a big late-in-the-day breakfast, and met up with khristina from NJ


our plans for later in the day was to watch dirty dancing at dawn’s house! it was really fun. everyone was stoked about it.
dirty dancing at the bathhouse


joanna and katy stopped by too


sam knew all the words to the movie


i broke off from that crew to go celebrate karen’s birthday. we all met up at grindcore and ate donuts
grindcore bday donuts


then drove to batting cages in new jersey! hitting baseballs is strangely relaxing and fun.


peter, zia and max, sluggers.
batting cages


karen hitting a home run, of course




my favorite nickname always sticks when we play sports/games


batting cages




we went to a diner in jersey, then met up with everyone in philly. amy leigh and karen were accidentally matching


karen and peter split off to go watch harry potter, but amy leigh and dawn and the australian crew all went to the logan square fountain
logan square fountain swimming


it was kind of cold out considering how hot it had been recently




but mostly everyone ended up going in
logan square fountain swimming






logan square fountain swimming


then we had some late night park hangs


ian impressed everyone with his handstand walkin




the rest of the week and the following week were blazing hot. nearly 100 degrees (sometimes more) of sweaty laziness
hottest days


rover cut his foot one day, but luckily it healed up fast
injured patient


and deathrats played in town. it was rad to see them so soon after clitfest.

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