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Some nice light out my back window. Sometimes when I’m walking Rover I’ll catch the most absurd light and then I’ll think ‘I have to run back home and take a picture of it!’ and by the time I’m home it’s alreadys shifted away. That’s what happened with this photo. There was seriously a beam of light shooting straight out of the clouds like a very visible spotlight, but I just wound up with a photo of the afterglow. Oh well. Taking photos of light is kinda boring anyway. I know this but I can’t stop myself anyway.



Last Friday we headed down to DC for the DC Zine Fest. However, we stopped by Baltimore on the way and had a late dinner with some of my Baltimore favorites! I used to live there and proximity to Baltimore is partially what prompted a move to Philly. I love that I can see all those folks way more easily now.


favorite baltimore folks


We were staying at Mikey’s for the weekend in DC. We got there really late and after chatting for a bit, just crashed. We woke up pretty early to head over and set up for the zine fest, but we stopped by Sticky Fingers first for breakfast and coffee.

sticky fingers


I was really excited to get to share a row with two of my favorite ladies from Chicago. Some of the people I miss most from Chicago are from the really active zine community we have there. That’s Heather, who runs Stranger Danger Distro, Jen Twiggz who was a Chicago Zine Fest organizer with me and is in one of my favorite bands, the Ambulars, and to my right is Karen, my good bud from Philly who I rode down with.

dc zine fest


It was the first year of the DC Zine Fest and it was a big success. It was really well attended and we all sold a lot of zines!



As awkward as they can be, I love tabling at zine fests.



Max, who’s also from Philly and was also staying at Mikey’s, but wasn’t part of our carpool.



Bonnie, who wasn’t tabling, but rode down to DC with us just for fun hangs. Bonnie lives in Philly now but lived in Chicago while I did too!



DC visitors

dc zine fest


Nicole, of Click Clask Distro, from Richmond, VA. We’ve been on-line/zine friends for a really long time.



J Bee is on the right. She makes really rad comics called Sassyfrass Circus! We know each other from my Baltimore days, pre-either of us even making comics.



Karen, Peter (Karen’s fiance) and Bonnie, leaving the fest

dc zine fest


At Everlasting Life, the place we were looking forward to eating at all weekend



I stole this photo from Everlasting Life from Jen’s flickr. Mikey and I are cool guys.




after everlasting life


More sass… back at Mikey’s, waiting around for plans to develop



Plans materialized as a 17 person late night swimming trip near Baltimore. We loaded into very squished cars and drove an hour away to find the secret swim spot,

summer swims


and then proceeded to have super rad late night swim hang outs with rafts and lots of stars

summer swims

summer swims

summer swims


Sleepy sunday morning at Mikey’s

sleepy morning at mikeys

sleepy morning at mikeys


Our last DC weekend destination was brunch at the Chill Factory, just around the corner. We all walked over and helped make a big breakfast. I manned the pancake station.

brunch at the chill factory

brunch at the chill factory


When I lived in Baltimore I was never really into DC that much. Since I’ve been in Philly, though, it seems like it’s been really present in my life. I get excited at the prospect of having an excuse to go down there.



Chris even got back just before we left so we got to see that exhausted dude just as he returned from the airport after a European tour.

brunch at the chill factory


This past week I finally stopped by South Philly Swim Club. I usually don’t make it because it hits just after I go to the gym and I’ve already had a long day and need to get back to walk Rover. But this time I raced over in time to hang out. The pools are only open one more week. So long summer…

south philly swim club


Kettner is king of South Philly Swim Club.

south philly swim club

south philly swim club


My little man, Asher, or Smash, as I like to call him. I gotta say, I really love this baby. I genuinely look forward to seeing him, even though we just do the same things all day every day. He’s just the chillest little dude and he always does the right things at the right time to make me laugh.



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