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a week and a half ago, my roommate situation officially transitioned. my old roommates ryan and sarah moved to new york, and my new roommates, jacob and lizz, moved in. things were a little hectic during the transition because there was an overlap, which meant everyone’s stuff was here all at once.



eventually though, it started to settle



my new roommate jacob is a culinary whiz. he’s worked in kitchens for a long time, and even already got a job here working in a restaurant of one of the top rated chefs in philly. jacob has been cooking dinner for lizz and i very often. definitely a nice roommate perk.



another friend, kettner, headed out of town last week to move to california. he’s my comic drawing buddy that i would sit around for hours with in coffeeshops working on comic stuff. he asked friends to make him mixes as a going away present since he would have a long drive to california. here’s mine:




another change is that my good friend’s karen and peter got a tiny puppy. karen brought valentine over so rover and i could meet her. rover is such a champ with puppies. somehow he just knows to be patient. usually when it comes to other dogs he’s all up in their grill, sniffing them like crazy and trying to show that he’s the boss. he was very curious about valentine but then laid down outside of her crate and waited for her to come out on her own.



they were total pals




we went over to the bookhouse to say goodbye to kettner on his last night. valentine came too.





like any puppy, valentine likes to lick and bite a lot




she even tried to eat cody’s dreads, which, lord knows, must be pretty gross tasting.



two weekends ago was also the first weekend i was home in SIX weeks! it felt so nice to be home on a saturday morning and see the nice morning light come into our kitchen, something i normally never get to see because i’m at work. i’ve been out of town almost every weekend this summer.



for the past week, jacob, lizz and i have just been working on the house and trying to organize and clean everything. for the past few months, the downstairs has been storage for a large majority of the time because ryan and sarah knew they were going to be moving and had a lot of boxes ready a few months early. it’s nice to utilize this space finally!



although ryan and sarah had been gone for a week, they came back last weekend to pick up the last of their things and have a little goodbye dinner at blackbird.



it seems like they’re settling into their new york apartment and they’re pretty excited! sarah is going to nursing school at nyu and ryan found another job teaching high school physics.




rover’s allergies have been sooo bad the past two weeks. he’s itching like crazy. he’s going to the vet tomorrow but this happens every summer. it’s just worse this year because the allergens are much worse here than in chicago. poor dude.



on monday i rode my bike up to fishtown for a pop punk show at a really cool new show spot called the bookspace, which is in an enormous used bookstore in a barn. i like riding to fishtown because it gives me a chance to ride along the schuylkill trail (which only took 4 months for me to learn how to pronounce…)



inside the bookspace



max and gabby were there too



i like to see bands play amidst piles and piles of books. my friend evan was there. he was just in town for a day or two before heading to the uk for a tour as “into it over it.” it was really nice to run into him for a night. he’s the person i drew in last week’s ‘year one’ comic.



this is a weird thing in my nanny house! apparently it was made by some popular artist that won a contest in houston and it’s worth money. it’s pretty freaky.



smasher is getting pretty big. he used to be one armful of a baby and now he’s two arms full. he’s also figured out how to grab things he’s looking at which is pretty rad. it makes him seem so much more self-aware! he’s a real little guy now. four and a half months.



our first dinner together as a household was thai takeout, before we set to work painting the downstairs. that’s jacob and lizz.



the old colors downstairs. the kitchen was never even painted. it just had those paint splotches.






on wednesday, p.s. eliot played with trophy wife and big eyes at the marvelous. it was a great show and very well attended. it was nice to pull up on my bike and realize how many people i know now in philly. coming along.




rover has been putting up with all the changes really well. he’s grown to be a very flexible dog. when i first got him he was a very stressed out/damaged guy and change was hard for him.



now he just goes with it.



another jacob mazer delight



i didn’t socialize much at all in the last 6 days. my roommate went out of town and then all this talk of a hurricane hitting made me sort of a shut in. on saturday during the bulk of the hurricane weather, i just holed myself up at home listening to radiolab and slowly worked on painting the kitchen all day.



these are all the colors now.




yesterday everyone was going stircrazy from staying in due to the hurricane (which ended up just being a really bad storm, rather than anything to worry about). i needed to catch up on work but max convinced me to go to fishtown with him to meet karen and peter for dinner. we got to hang out with valentine again.




we went to a place called kraftwork. they had really good fries. they reminded me of fries from the handlebar in chicago.



it actually ended up being a really beautiful evening once the wind died down





max is not straightedge.



we came across this big downed tree, damage from the hurricane. we also saw a woman bailing out her flooded basement.



back at karen and peter’s



peter, karen’s fiance




we had coffee for dessert on the patio. it was really nice. i thought it would help me stay up and get some work done but then i went to bed at 10:30. whoops.




ender and valentine are best buds.


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