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I didn’t end up taking as many photos with my real camera toward the end of the year because I was so behind on my photoblog that it felt overwhelming to add even more on to the pile – even though I knew I was going to come back and make these catch up posts. Oh well!

Here’s are the photos I have from October – December, with not too many being from December. Didn’t take any photos of holiday travel or anything. Sorry family!

In the beginning of October, right after getting back from our trip, we went to a scary movie night at Jen’s house that doubled as a little bday celebration for her.


Visiting Pat and Gabby at their new place in Arden, DE. Pat and Gabby are two people I’m stoked to have gotten to know better in 2016. We’ve known them both for several years but they became some of our most regular hang out buds and I’m really glad that friendship developed finally. In the age of social media, I feel like I often meet people, become friends with them online, and then moving that friendship into frequent real life hang outs almost never happens because we have this placeholder friendship online that is easy at first, but then can start to make it feel awkward to try to get past if you didn’t start hanging out in real life a lot right away. Anyway, I love those goobs. Here’s Kristine, Mikey and Pat.

Mikey trying to neutralize some ions. That’s how these work, right?

Yianni at a reading in West Philly. I’ve seen Yianni play music a bunch of time and had never seen them do a reading. It was a real treat.

Late night hangs at the Empire Diner, our 24 hour diner in Lansdowne.

Evan, Pat, Gabby and Mikey.

Making Maple a Halloween costume, because why buy a $20 Halloween dog hoodie when I can make one for $20 and 6 hours of my own precious time? I wouldn’t be who I am if I didn’t take on projects just for the sake of keeping my hands busy.

Maple accessorized herself with this beautiful cone. She went to the dog park one day in mid-October and came home with a mystery cut. She didn’t get in a fight or anything, just somehow got a little dog bite during play. We took her to the vet after a day because it looked like it needed a stitch but I guess it was filling with fluid, so they had to install a drain – which is pretty gnarly, they literally installed a little rubber tube in her side that would drain out into the world so that an abscess wouldn’t form. The cut was a minor little thing but the whole drain process meant getting put under and needing two weeks of recovery with the cone. Thank goodness for pet insurance. We’ve been to the vet soo many times with this little lemon.

It was pretty cute though! You can see our living room in flux here. It was like this for a couple months while we figured out what we wanted and how to arrange things. Since moving in, we slowly tried to get new/to us furniture for the living room that better fit our aesthetic and the house. When we originally moved in, almost everything we had was stuff we had acquired for free or second hand over the years for group houses we had lived in. A lot of the stuff we have still is second hand, but it felt good to get some new things with this actual space in mind.

Halloween in West Philly.

Mikey in costume

He played in a Roky Erickson cover band for a Halloween cover show.



Maple, in costume

A Halloween weekend walk at Ridley Creek State Park.




Maple has a half mustache which makes it look like she has a goofy smile in every photo, but it’s just an illusion. Her ears are truly goofy though.




Carving our pumpkins that we had bought a month before.



Out to dinner with Kyle and Maryn at Nomad, where Ali was working.

Halloween with the kiddos, a dinosaur and a football player. Everyone kept thinking Naomi was a cheerleader. I swiftly corrected them each time.


Space dinosaur

Who you callin’ a cheerleader?



Our neighbors across the street seriously did it up for Halloween. They had a spooky soundtrack, a smoke machine, and the adult sons dressed up like scarecrows and slumped down in lawn chairs waiting to scare all the kids. It was pretty fun to watch. We got so many trick or treaters. They came in droves. It was great. I was truly looking forward to handing out candy in the burbs this year.

Our costumes for handing out candy.

After trick or treating died down, we went to see Big Thief play in West Philly and then went to our buds’ Halloween Party for a bit, not too late because it was a work night. Big Thief were dressed as lamps.


Chelsea at her Halloween party.

Skipping ahead a week – this is where my photos get sparse. We went downtown to celebrate Mikey’s bday a little early because he would be on tour during his actual bday.

On an unseasonably warm day in November, we spent a whole afternoon listening to a few hours of podcasts in our hammock.

I remember noting that this felt like when Maple really turned a page in terms of feeling like an adult dog, because basically any month prior when we tried to lay in the hammock, she was jumping all over it and biting it and acting like a puppy so it was never fun. But this time she let us just hang while she surveyed her kingdom.

Maple turned one in October, and by December she became so much more adult-like.

That same weekend, out with friends for Mikey’s bday – to Federal Donuts and then to the ICA to check out an art exhibit Mikey wanted to see.


Maryn caught up in a leaf swirl in the wind.

Outside the museum.

Back at the ol Empire Diner – pancake sundae.

Mikey’s bday diner hang.

Look at Chelsea’s little friend.

Then Mikey went on tour for two weeks and I mostly just got to work on commissions for the holiday season and finish up a book I was illustrating throughout the last year (which I don’t think I ever showed or wrote about in this photoblog!). It was a convenient time for him to be gone and me to go into work mode. I did have some nice hangs while he was gone though. At the Wissahickon.

Sean and Jess got a puppy named Bailey, so I brought Maple out for a dog hang. Josey and Ben brought their dog Baizley too.

Jess and Sean just bought a house in West Mount Airy so they can walk a few blocks and be at the Wissahickon, a big nature preserve in Philly. It’s great!

One week in November, Naomi was out sick for almost the whole week, so I took Leo to do some solo hangs. This day we went to this little Christmas garden maze set up near City Hall.

Such a big kid now! I didn’t get any of our other hang out days on my real camera, but we went up to Fairmount Park to Smith Playground one day, and down to FDR Park in South Philly another. It was great! Taking two kids on the city bus isn’t something I could really easily do on the regular so I took the opportunity while just hanging with a solo kid.

Making some wreaths for the holiday season. I’m not really “into” holidays so much as I’m into projects and trying things out for fun. Holidays/decorating are great opportunities for projects. I walked around my neighborhood and collected different types of pine and lavender and holly from my own yard to make these wreaths.

It was fun, and they were practically free. I bought the twig circle wreath starters for 4 bucks at Michaels. Why are they so cheap? I don’t know.

My family had a tradition where we would buy a set of ornaments every year. There were 5 of us kids, so my parents would buy 6 matching ornaments – 1 for each kid and one for the family. My mom would write our initials and the year on each one. So when we became adults and had our own tree, we would get a whole box of ornaments, one from each year of our life. This was the first year I had my ornament box. It was really fun to go through and hang them up.


Two years ago, the Christmas before we bought our house (last Christmas was our first one in our new house), we lived in a group house that had a Christmas party, and for it, I made a Christmas tree topper to look like Rover. Little did we know he would die before the following Christmas… but it feels weirdly nice to have this clumsy little thing in honor of him at our new house, which he never got to live in. Maple was weirdly not into it! I think she recognized it as another dog somehow?? When we pulled it out she kept backing up and barking at it! She didn’t pay attention to anything else we had put up on the tree. Pretty weird and fitting.

Outside of The Avenue with brunch buds Evan, Kristine and Pat.

Mikey in the green room at the Black Cat before an Afterglows show in DC that I had gone down for.

The Afterglows

Bad Moves, our friends who were having their tape release show.

Hard at work on a baking project one day at work, before the holidays.

Back at the Christmas garden maze at City Hall.

:) I love them.

Both clearly making truck sounds.

Setting to work on a gift idea for our friend who got sick and had to cancel her holiday party, which she really looks forward to throwing every year. It was a big bummer that she had to cancel so we came up with an idea to make her a Christmas party in a box.

It was fun to make and come up with all the parts for.

I really wanted it to have lights and music on when you opened the box. I came across these little battery powered lights which made that part possible, but I couldn’t figure out a motion activated music situation, so our next best option was to get one of those dancing santas and just to push the button when she opened the box. Ha!

My favorite part was drawing a little string of fake holiday cards, because she always hangs up the holiday cards she receives on a string in her house.

Maple, at home before the holidays, in our big comfy new chair. I didn’t take any pictures for the last three weeks of the year! You’ll just have to imagine that it was pretty cozy and low key.

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