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The year is flying by! I can’t believe we’re two months away from having been in our new house for a whole year. Pretty wild. But at the same time, when I get to the end of every work week I think ‘already?’ (it might help that I have Fridays off, though.) Anyway, here are photos from July – which was over 90 degrees and super humid for almost the whole month. Can’t wait for this heat to be done. Bring on fall.

At the beginning of the month we went to our bud Al’s art opening at Space 1026.





Space 1026 is in Chinatown so we got some delicious shaved noodles beforehand.

Afterwards, there was a beautiful sunset.

The following morning, brunch with Jen and Derek, at The Tasty in South Philly. It wasn’t my favorite restaurant but I appreciated what it was going for? I’m sure they’ll find their stride. Or maybe other people love it, I don’t know.

Later that weekend, another wild sunset after getting pizza at Nomad’s with Sam and Mikey during Ali’s work shift.

A swim trip out to the Brandywine on a weirdly chilly day.

These photos are a little deceiving because, as I said above, it was kind of chilly, the bottom of the river was squishy and rocky, a treacherous combo, and none of us were feelin the ‘vibe’ of that swim spot. I think if we went back on rafts or tubes on a day where it was hot enough that we were just happy to be in the water it would’ve been great! We were in good company though so it didn’t really matter.

Pat trying to throw a cherry in Mikey’s mouth.

The next day was the fourth of July. We went to a couple BBQ’s but I didn’t take any photos. Our town fireworks were on the fifth and we lived close enough that we could see them on our block. We weren’t sure how Maple would react to fireworks since we hadn’t encountered that yet so it was nice to be able to stay home with her but still sort of see them. It isn’t the sort of thing I would necessarily go out of my way for but we sat out on our roof and saw a bit of them.

A solo morning with Leo. Normally I have two kids at once but every now and then I just watch one, which can allow for a bigger trip or a more personalized day. Juggling two toddlers on a big outing can be hard/exhausting. Sometimes it feels like the stars have to align for them to both be in the mood for the same thing in the same way on the same day so a solo trip feels like a treat because I can just sort of sit back and enjoy a kid’s personality without having to be constantly scanning for the other to make sure everyone is happy and safe.

I don’t really stop and appreciate the kind of exhausting that that is because I’m so used to it until I have a solo kid day and realize how much easier it is.

My bud, Leo.

This day was really fun. We went to the fountains, then got lunch at Honey’s and then got frozen yogurt. Summer!

That weekend, the second weekend in July, my dad and his wife and my brother and his wife visited. They were the first of my family to come visit in Philly and to see the house we just bought. It was nice to show them around. As usually happens with family visits, we did a bunch of stuff I’ve never done in Philly because they’re tourist things or things I think I’ll get around to and then never make time for. We started by meeting them for a double decker bus tour of the city.

I expected it to be sort of cheesy but we had this really awesome tour guide that went off script and knew so much about local architecture and black history in Philly. I went in expecting a white washed tourist history lesson of Philly and got the exact opposite. The bus also takes you to 15-20 spots around the city and you can get on and off as you went, so it was actually a pretty convenient way to get around. We started at Reading Terminal Market and took it to the Rodin Museum.

Looking down on a fountain/garden.
Family photo. That’s Ivy and Abe. Then Sue. Then Mikey and me. Then my dad.

Showing my family our house and Lansdowne.

Maple being a great host.

Showing them the big Sycamore tree in our town (the second oldest tree in the state of PA.)

Ivy giving it a big hug.

A solo day the following week with Naomi – another swim outing!

Surfer bud! Naomi loves the water.

I love her. Her personality is starting to show so much and she is tenacious and funny. She is one of the most persistent kids I’ve ever watched, which can make her a bit of a bruiser, but it also means she’s funny and confident and is up for trying anything.

She loved throwing her hat in the stream and watching it float down into the pool.

A show at Everybody Hits later in the month.

Gabby playing in Marge

Aidan and Emily in Marge

Soul Glo

Me watching people watching Pile.

Lansdowne outdoor movie night with Mikey.

Girls Rock Philly youth showcase at Asian Arts Initiative. This was during one of the DJ’s sets.

A show in the garden at Random Tea Room in Fishtown.

This was a nice little night. I had heard of shows being there but had never been there myself.


Mikey playing solo as The Goodbye Party. Most of the ‘string’ sounding stuff on his record is him playing guitar with a bow.

Out to a goodbye dinner for Leslie and Andrew, who headed back to Chicago at the end of the month. They lived in Philly for the past year but I knew Leslie from when I lived in Chicago during my pre-Philly years. It was fun to have her around for a bit! That year flew by though.

The last weekend of the month, at Hickory Run State Park for Sean and Jess’s wedding.


Their wedding was a short but sweet one (my favorite kind) in a little school house in the park with a waterfall outside.

It was also the most successful potluck wedding I’ve been to (not the first, not even the second!) They chose a handful of dishes they wanted to have, then had people sign up for which one they’d make, then sent out recipes the week before. It was great! Such a smart way of avoiding the normal potluck problems of too much of one thing or not enough of another or too many conflicting things that are weird on the same plate and the recipes removed any awkwardness of people being worried they weren’t making something good enough or that someone else might make something better. Top notch organizational skills 😉

There was also a giant water slide.





and then a lot of rain. It all timed out just right, though, it seemed.

Getting ready to cut the cake.

The aftermath. Sean and Jess are wild. They had a wedding and bought a house in the same week. I can’t imagine planning a big event at the same time as buying a house. That process felt all consuming. They seemed to have pulled it off flawlessly, though.




After the wedding a lot of people went back and stayed at an air bnb cabin which was nearby. It was really cozy and really big all at once. I think 15 or so people stayed there.

We slept in this porch room with six other people.

We were prepared and brought our binoculars! Since living in Lansdowne, we’ve gotten really into birdwatching. We just do it from our backyard mostly because our backyard neighbor has so many feeders that we get a lot of really cool birds coming through ours. I’m sure we will eventually branch out to go birdwatching other places. We did see two giant Ravens from this cabin though. I had no idea they were so big!

Nice light in the cabin

Mikey and Gabby

It continued to downpour so most people headed out on the early side. We ended up going to this little diner with Pat and Gabby and talked for a long time before heading home.

A good weekend and a good month!

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