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You know those facebook memory things? Half of what turns up for me each day is links to old photoblog posts from that day years ago and it’s so fun to look through. Part of me wonders if the photoblog is dead because social media and instagram came along – but I’m so glad I round these photos up every now and then and put them in a concrete place because there’s something just a little different about it. I’ve been doing this for so many years – well before smart phones and photo apps, and while I also participate in that, I don’t want to abandon this just because they came along. They can exist alongside each other.

So, here this is. Truckin along. My photoblog in its 12th year!


Greg’s vegan birthday non-cake, made by his partner, Shannon, who runs Crust Vegan Bakery. Greg doesn’t like cake so she whipped up this monster made of chocolate chip cookie with chocolate and peanut m&m candy and potato chips and rice crispy treat.

A First Time’s The Charm planning meeting, which we had every two weeks or so for the past few months.

At Cherise’s dip-themed bday party.

John holding a bread bowl.

A park in our little town. In April, we tried to visit all the parks in our small town. When we decided to move to Lansdowne, a bunch of the stuff about it said that their were 9 parks within the one and a half square mile of the town. It dawned on us that we had only seen one or two, so we made a point to go to all of them. We were surprised to learn that many of them were big open green spaces with a creek running through. I assumed they would just be a basketball court and a playground.

Putting my lemon and lime trees out to soak up some warm weather. They all got scale over the winter and died back a lot so I’m hoping being outside this summer resuscitates them.

At the Boutros memorial picnic, for our friends Jordan and Jaime who lost their dog Boutros this spring. He was a well known and well loved dog around West Philly.

Mikey and Brad with Maple.

Walking around our block.

A house around the corner that I really like.

Getting big! Maple was sort of a nightmare for a lot of April and May – just still clearly a puppy but big enough for that to be troublesome, the jumping, the mouthing, the excited greetings that left scratches all over us, etc. She’s calmed down considerably since (as I write this in June) and that feels good. We were also working through her being tough to introduce to friends – she is pretty timid and was barking at our friends when they’d come over.

Dollar dog night toward the end of April – as organized by Abbey, like she has the past few years.





Whenever I go to games I forget there’s a game happening. I’m just there for snacks and socializing. I think “we” lost this game pretty bad.

Cynthia’s band, Swanning, playing their first show as a full band.

Hermit Thrushes

This noodle

Her true essence


Under the hoop houses, my garden in its early stages in late April.

Finished patio and azaleas in full bloom

In May, Mikey and Sam played their first set as the Afterglows. They’re putting out an album together later this summer. This show was also a fundraiser for First Time’s The Charm, an event we helped plan.

Attendant playing for the first time in a year at the FTTC fundraiser.

The start of outdoor dinners season

In May we started framing out a practice space in our basement. We had never done anything like this before so there was definitely a learning curve.

Maple, world’s most distracting assistant.

To make this project easier, we bought a compound mitre saw. The first thing I did was build this mitre stand for it. I was pretty proud of myself! The saw itself was scary at first but felt pretty empowering. I remember feeling that way when I got my first power drill.


Lansdowne is pretty almost all of the time. So much sky and trees compared to where we’ve lived the past ten years.


Working on (and failing at) polite greetings with Maple. Jen is one of Maple’s favorite people so far so she is a relentless jumper when Jen comes over.


Mikey’s old band, Remainder, practicing in the (less than) half finished practice space, getting ready for a reunion show they had at the beginning of May.


At Dave & Buster’s for Shannon’s bday!

Mary & The Small Omission playing before Remainder at the show.

Remainder playing their first show in several years, and last show.

Getting the garden ready for summer, taking it out of spring mode. When I originally planned my garden it was just going to be three beds with aisles wide enough for a wheel barrow and lawn mower to fit down. But because of Maple I had to add a fence around it. Because of the fence, I couldn’t mow between the beds and it got pretty overgrown under the hoop houses and I needed to make a new plan. That weekend I took the hoop houses down and started digging up the sod all around the beds so I wouldn’t need to keep mowing it.

Walking to meet friends in town for brunch.

In the beginning of May we started doing a vegetarian version of the Whole30, a nutrition challenge. We jumped into it with our friend’s Pat and Gabby. This was one weekend when we went out to brunch to try to eat out for the first time on Whole30. Evan and Kristine came too!

On the giant Sycamore in Lansdowne, the 2nd oldest tree in PA.

Gabby and Pat

The Afterglows playing another show later in May.

Cynthia playing a Swanning solo set at another FTTC fundraiser.

Waxahatchee playing the same fundraiser.

Outside of a cute little theater in Phoenixville where we saw The Craft.

One day with my nanny kids, Leo and Naomi, when we met up with my old nanny kid, Malachy.

Malachy and Leo hadn’t seen each other in several months and last time they were both pretty shy about it. This time they picked up right where they left off and had a great time playing together.

A photo that one of the babies took with my camera.

I think Malachy took this portrait of Leo.

Amanda and her nanny babies met up with us too. It was a nice big play date. Leo took this photo of Amanda, you can see him reflected in her glasses.

Leo took this photo of me. The heart eyes I make at my nanny kids! I had no idea.

Selfie with Naomi

A night in late May, Mikey and I decided to camp in our backyard and set up a projector to watch a movie from our tent. It was really fun. We wanted to practice camping with Maple before actually committing to taking her to a campground.

Sitcom playing at All Night Diner. I’ve known this guy since he was 13! His very young teenage band used to play in Baltimore and they played my show house when I lived in Baltimore. Funny to see him now, as a 22 year old, because that’s how old I was when I first met him. It’s also nice to look back on Baltimore and remember that shows there were really mixed, in terms of all sorts of things – sound, social group, age. That doesn’t happen as often in bigger cities, I guess, because there are enough people and bands to compartmentalize.

This is from the first week of June I guess. Allison playing with her new full band lineup at PhilaMOCA.

I think I was just testing my camera settings here but it’s a nice photo of our front yard garden with nice light.

In a park in Lansdowne near our house.

Taking a photo of the Afterglows.

At First Time’s The Charm, which happened the first weekend of June.

It was a two-night event we put on with five other organizers, that featured 18 bands playing their first shows. You can find out more info here. (This is what happens when I do re-cap style photoblog posts instead of posting once a week like I used to. Too much to write about everything in depth so it’s more like a summary than a diary. Hmm.)

I didn’t take many photos because I was helping run the door, but here’s a big photoset, taken by Sharp Hall.

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6 Responses to April & May 2016

  1. a. says:

    i love your photoblog. please don’t ever stop!

  2. Julie Horns says:

    Your photoblog is my favorite blog to read and look at, it’s great!

  3. Kim Cody says:

    Enjoyed your update as I’ve been curious about the progress in your new yard. I garden myself, so I find those photos the most interesting. It’s nice having so many old trees in your neighborhood, but even better to have that sunny, open back yard to grow things. I remember how you struggled to garden in those shade covered lots at some of the places you used to live in. Here’s to a happy summer and a good harvest!

  4. Carrie says:

    I love your photoblog! I actually probably found it around 5 years ago and I check back in every once in a while to see how you’re doing. Your photos are great, and they make me want to visit Philly sometime.

    (I was so sad to hear about Rover, and it makes me happy to see Maple now. She really does look like him.)

  5. Nika says:

    I have really enjoyed seeing how your life has evolved in Philly! Viva la photoblog!

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