March 2016

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One morning at work

Leo commanding the camera

Brunch at Royal Tavern

The Max Levine Ensemble at the Batting Cages

Thin Lips

Taking The Max to see the big tree in Lansdowne after they stayed over. Seein the sites. 😉

It really is big.

Bepstein at Little Babies

A spring day at work. Looking for bugs in the backyard.

Proud of himself for climbing up onto these chairs even though they weren’t pulled out (and weren’t cleaned off yet for spring.)

It’s been cold for the past two weeks so looking back at these photos from a 70 degree day a month ago makes me bummed!



Pie day at the Empire Diner with some buds


One night Jon and Cherise treated us to a big dinner followed by board games.

Sloppy joes, baked beans, collared greens, and mac and cheese! We owe them a feast.

A long overdue Friday work date with Sarah Rose!

Seeing Sam’s band, Life Uniform, at The Waiting Room.

Andy’s band, Bakerman, at Johnny Brenda’s, a week or two later.

Late night snack date afterward with Mikey. A true babe.

Addie Pray at Lava Space.

Mikey playing a solo Goodbye Party show.

Atta Girl

Garden update in late March – plants coming up and a few starts in.

A warm and rainy night in in Lansdowne after walking Maple to pick up a pizza. A friend came over once and said ‘it’s like you guys have your own clubhouse out here” and some nights it does feel that way. We’ve started referring to those good nights in as clubhouse nights. Barf.

After a month or so off from doing many projects around the house aside from the yard, we set to work start to build out a practice space in the basement. We decided to do it in little steps instead of trying to tackle it all at once. First step was stuffing sound dampening insulation in the ceiling.

I wouldn’t say the basement was a BIG deciding factor when looking at houses, but usability of the basement/dryness was definitely something that weighed in when we were looking.

This basement is pretty great. Dry and clean, windows. One drawback is the chimney through the center of our house which cuts the space down the middle. It also doesn’t have super high ceilings.

We’re figuring out what tools we need as we go… This night we realized we could stand to buy some safety goggles because we had to wear our sunglasses so insulation wouldn’t dust down into our eyes. >_<

That same weekend I also started working on some hoop houses for the garden because a sudden cold front was about to move in.

We also drove out to rural PA and picked up a big haul of field stone (an entire pallet) that I found on craigslist. We started loading up my truck with the guy who had it for sale and as we got further and further I could feel us all start to hesitate as we loaded more in because it was getting clear that the load was going to be too heavy for my truck. Mikey and I drove about a mile before stopping and looking up the load capacity of my truck and realized we were about 2x too full… We didn’t want to run the risk of destroying my truck or making an unsafe drive home, so we pulled over near some woods and unloaded the biggest/thickest pieces. It was sad to lose them, but definitely the right decision. Not trying to die over a cheap stone patio.

But, we still had just enough for the exact size patio I was hoping to put in. Here’s a shot of the finished hoop houses, just in time for a frosty week, and the placement of the patio stones – I still need to dig out the sod and actually put the stones in place properly, but I’m waiting until it warms up again to do that. I plan to build some taller raised planter boxes to go around the patio for an herb garden and to define the space more.
I’m also planning to do a bed of wildflowers all along the side of the house. Have to take it slow so I don’t spend all my money, but it’s hard to pace myself because I have a pretty clear plan in my head.

To the right of our shed we’ve been dumping yard waste that is too woody to break down in the compost. Still not exactly sure what we will do with that stuff. It’s currently full of sod and large evergreen shrubs that we cut down.

Front yard as it was when we moved in:

Front yard progress: we had this huge overgrown shrub in this spot to the left of our steps. It was so overgrown that I didn’t even know we had side steps into our driveway at first because they were almost fully covered. Obviously we need to put in a tall plant of some sort here but I want something brighter/more interesting than evergreen shrubs. They felt really drab.

The front of the house with all evergreen shrubs removed and stones and creeping plants put in. I put in the creeping phlox, and some variety of sedum was already coming in to the left of our stairs, so I separated some bunches of that and moved them to the right of the stairs and they’ve already spread a lot. I’m hoping to fill in all the space between the rocks with it. The ideal is to remove most of the lawn all around our house, front and back. We have a free tree coming sometime this month from the Lansdowne Shade Tree Commission and that will help me figure out how to define space in our front yard better. Landscaping/gardening is a long, slow build! It’ll be two or three years before I’ve worked most of the space probably. Eventually we have to do something about those sloping stairs. They look so obvious in photos!

That’s where we are for now! A month that was equal parts social and equal parts hermity house projects.

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