Lost in the Shuffle: 9/16 – 10/31/2015

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I’ve totally lost track of this photoblog in a series of overwhelming major life events, from starting with a new nanny share family, to Mikey changing jobs, to preparing for a move, to closing on a house, to Rover being diagnosed with cancer after a series of trips to the vet, to his eventual passing. It feels weird to go back and make a photoblog posts because I generally write these in the present tense-ish and it’s weird writing and posting photos from a time when Rover was around. He’s only been gone for a week and a half and it’s still hard to really remind myself that he’s not coming back. But so it goes.

Rewinding back to the beginning of October. Phew. Out to dinner for Jen’s birthday, a fitting trip to Sitar for Indian buffet.

I didn’t get a non-blurry photo because it was relatively dark in there, so here’s this one of the group.

Jen had a bunch of out of town visitors come in for her birthday weekend at the beginning of October. We all met up at a coffeeshop to write postcards for an annual month-long event called 31 Postcards in 31 Days, which is pretty much exactly what he sounds like.


The following morning, out to brunch at an all-lady brunch, an intentional hang with the goal of spending some quality time with ladies we haven’t gotten to know super well.



A show that night at Hong Kong Garden


A mid-week clothing swap at Robyn’s house. So many clothes – perfect timing for my pending move. I needed the incentive to clear out my closet.

Hey Hallways at Lava Space.

Yowler at Johnny Brenda’s

Saint Seneca

At the orchard with Jaime and Melanie the following weekend.

Apple slingshot!




The real reason to go to Linvilla

It was an unseasonably hot day.





In mid-October we had a yard sale at our house. Selling things in advance of our move was pretty fruitful. We had a goal to pay for at least part of the installation of a fence at the house we were buying so I tried to sell everything in sight and it paid off.

By the time we had our yardsale though, most of my stuff was gone. My roommate Paula and her partner Will had a ton of stuff to sell. Will is a haggler!

My packed up studio. I really tried to pace myself in terms of packing, which I’m really glad I did. Moving and getting the new house ready has been so much work, especially on top of Rover’s health issues.

The week before Halloween. Craft time with Leo.

I saw that my friend had made a paper lantern with her daughter, so I implemented the idea with Leo. Now that we are back in a nanny share with a baby, while she naps in the morning Leo has a good block of time to do ‘big kid stuff’ inside. Helping mix the papier mache.



Watching movies one night at our friends’ house, the Kat Frat.

We were trying to watch all of Star Wars before the new one comes out because Mikey is a Star Wars nerd and I hadn’t seen them since I was a kid and didn’t remember much. Unfortunately, I fell asleep this night so I still don’t know much about what is going on.

The following day at work, we proceeded to work on our papier mache pumpkin lantern. I was trying to explain to Leo what a lantern is so I made a “mock up” out of paper and shined a light inside so he could understand. It was pretty funny because I think he liked this funny mock up as much as he liked the finished product.



True fall colors

On the Thursday before Halloween, we closed on our house. We had been in the process of buying a house for the three months prior and it felt like it took foreeeeeever for our actual closing date to get here.

A perfect fall day to really appreciate the trees in our new neighborhood. We bought a house in the town just outside of West Philly, Lansdowne. It takes just as long to drive there as it takes to drive to South Philly. It’s very close.

Downtown at our actual closing meeting.

Later that night, inside our new house after moving a few loads of our things.

This day was an emotional whirlwind because we closed on our house and got the keys and it felt real for the first time, but then we also had a vet appointment for Rover where they confirmed he had cancer. We went from one meeting right to the other. So we were trying to be excited but also cried a lot. The prognosis they gave for Rover was either a few weeks or a few months, both of which seemed way too soon. We had considered Rover so much in our house hunt, and had even already scheduled and put down a deposit to haveĀ a fence put in so he would have a fenced in backyard.

Continuing on the whirlwind trend, the following day I moved several carloads to the new house, and when Mikey got out of work we headed out of town for the wedding of a family friend of his.

We got in late and pretty much went right to bed. The next morning, after brunch, we had some time to kill before the wedding and found out there was an arboretum nearby, so we headed out to enjoy the fall weather.

It was a nice way to decompress after the two month lead-up to buying a house. It was nice to be forced to think about something else for a weekend.







It was a night wedding so I didn’t end up taking any photos because I don’t love my built-in flash. So we will end with this handsome gent.

I still have another full photoblog post to line-up and it will include a lot of new house pictures – which I’m sure this photoblog will be mostly comprised of from now on. Apologies if that’s not your thing.

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4 Responses to Lost in the Shuffle: 9/16 – 10/31/2015

  1. Holly says:

    Sorry to hear about Rover. I lost my cat over the summer to a cancer too, he had been there for me through so much… and it was so hard to say goodbye. Sending best wishes to you.

  2. a. says:

    crying agaaaain. dude, i can’t even imagine how all of this feels. but i am also bracing myself for having to deal with BFF death for real very soon. rover was the best dog. i miss him. I’m thinking about you so much these days.

  3. LP says:

    So sorry to read about Rover’s passing. :-( Losing a friend is the worst. Sending you love and best wishes.

  4. Ashley says:

    Oh Ramsey, I’m so sorry to read about Rover. I’ve been reading your blog on and off for a very long time (since Rocketstar was around!) and I know he was an incredibly special dog.

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