Odds and Endings: 8/18 – 8/30/15

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Upon returning from California for the wedding, we settled into end-of-summer hang out mode. Something about the change of seasons makes me remember to appreciate things and reach out a little more.

That weekend, we took a trip to Allentown with Jared and Greg to go see a Muay Thai fight featuring some fighters from our gym. We used it as an excuse to swing by Vegan Treats, which is in the next town over.

When we got there, we realized there was some veg fest happening that same day so the line at Vegan Treats was down the block! Luckily, some other members of our Muay Thai gym were already at the front of the line so we texted them our treat wishes and they delivered.


Mike Gill, a member of our gym, after his win.

Coach Mary got a draw on a technicality after totally dominating her fight. She was fighting last minute, cut a ton of weight in a few days notice, and was flying out to Australia for a tour with her band, Self Defense Family, early the next morning. She crushed it.

The following night, walking to Little Babies with Greg, Shannon and Rover.

Later that week, I went to Joppa, MD to give an author talk at the public library. A longtime livejournal friend works for that library system and came out for it (and helped set it up,) so we went to a diner afterward. It was great finally meeting Melissa! We’ve been friends online for years and years and it felt totally comfortable meeting up with her despite never having met in person. The beauty of livejournal.

The last week of August was also the final full week of my nanny share. Malachy is off to preschool. It was a bittersweet ending! These boys had gotten to be such good buds but I knew Malachy was ready for school. I’ve continued on with Leo and we’ve spent the last month looking for another family to round out a new nanny share with. Leo is as big (bigger?) than Malachy but Malachy is a full year older.

Here is an onslaught of baby photos.


Malachy trying to color the bear’s nose with chalk.

It was a very truck-centric month.

Mariela, our full-time playdate friend.

Here is a fun fact – if a baby is holding sidewalk chalk, it will get on every single thing. Here is Amanda trying to get chalk off her black pants. Amanda is my friend who nannies these two gals, who happen to be family friends of Leo’s family. We meet up almost daily. For once in my life as a nanny it feels like I have a co-worker and it’s great!

Our crew.

A photo of Amanda, taken by Annabel, her older nanny kid.

A photo of Malachy, taken by Annabel. This was the day that I showed her how to actually look at the viewfinder to aim at whatever she wanted to take a photo of.

Malachy’s photo of Annabel (with a little help from me.)



Back at home.




Afternoon cereal party.





Phew. Thanks for hangin in there. At the end of that work week, our friend Cynthia played a show in West Philly.

Laura posing with a basement prop.

Rick from Pile, a band I haven’t heard much of but people seem to love.

Pinkwash later that weekend at Union Transfer.

A small crew walking away from the Philly Zine Fest, which I took no photos of. Our friend Leslie moved to Philly at the beginning of August. I don’t know if she’s appeared on my photoblog since moving here! It’s great to have Leslie around. One of my favorite things about Philly is that people move here. That seems obvious, but I guess what I mean is that it’s affordable and near a lot of places so it draws people in my social group from around the country. People didn’t move to Baltimore because it was small. People didn’t move to Chicago in the same way because it was more expensive. Philly seems to have a draw. Every fall there’s a new batch of buddies that I’ve met over the years through punk or from living in other cities. It keeps Philly fresh and exciting to live in. Here’s to more of that.

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  1. Melissa says:

    It was so great meeting you finally!

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