Spring Camping: 4/28-5/3/2015

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Ahhh, the weather has officially turned over. That means being outside as much as possible, trying to remember to wear sunblock, staying physically active, and ending each day feeling exhausted from using up energy instead of drained from gloomy hibernation. It feels great.
A night eating dinner in the backyard last week. We were both feeling wrecked from allergies and didn’t really feel like cooking after going climbing so we got pizza.

A very summery nanny day, on a playdate with my friend Amanda and her nanny babes, Annabel and Mariella.

Malachy trying to negotiate his snack cup back from Leo, who had sneakily pulled it out of the stroller.

No luck with baby mediation, so I had to step in and negotiate a snack cup trade.


A photo taken by Malachy after my camera was spotted.


A photo taken by Leo

After the work week was over, Mikey and I headed to Susquehanna State Park in Maryland to meet our friends Roxana and Bradley for weekend camping. The moon was almost full both nights. We drove in Friday night after work so that we could wake up there in the morning.

Rover came along too. It was his first time sleeping in a tent and I wasn’t sure how it would go, but he handled it like a champ. It took him a little longer than usual to lay down, and he tried to walk through the side of the tent a couple times before he understood the mesh, but then he settled in and went to sleep.



The weather was beautiful all weekend.



We started out the morning by making breakfast burritos. Camping when you’re a little older and actually have more gear acquired makes camping so much more cushy!




Then we went for a hike. The trails were either “easy” or “very difficult.” We started out with easy and then went for the very difficult and it wasn’t bad, just more hills.

Rover trekked along, excited the whole time.



Very thirsty



Roxana and Bradley are about to move to the West Coast so it was our last chance to hang before they go.


Post-hiking tent nap.


Whittling some roasting sticks.

Then we drove in to Havre De Grace, the closest town to our campground.

It was so beautiful out.

Havre De Grace is a weird little marina town – for any hometown friends, it reminded me of South Haven or St. Joe or any other little Lake Michigan beach town.

A few restaurants/bars were open but none of the antique shops or weird little stores we might’ve gone in, which seemed weird for a Saturday evening when a lot of tourists were around. Especially because that weekend was “Decoy Fest!”



We stopped at a few corner stores looking for firewood but couldn’t find any. Then we came across this little self-serve firewood shed. Perfect!

Back at the campground, we settled in and played Hearts for a few rounds, and Rover played watch dog.

Dinner campfire

Hot dogs, roasted veggies, grilled cheese, s’mores

We told a few spooky stories just in time for bed. I didn’t have any personal ghost encounters but everyone else had something weird to share. The best thing I had was being scared that Darth Vader lived in my bedroom closet when I was four.

Rover waiting for us to wake up.

Another breakfast burrito fire. Everything was so dry so fires were very easy to build.





Rover alternated between being seemingly confused that he was outside the entire weekend and totally blissed out about it.

He was also an expert at getting himself tangled in the long lead – but I do think he started to be more aware of it by the last day. He will be a camping pro by the end of summer. This Christmas I just asked for a tent because I knew we wouldn’t be able to travel much this summer due to Mikey’s lack of time off/our trying to save money, so we decided weekend camping trips would be our solution, especially since Rover could come along and we wouldn’t even need to find dog sitters. If anyone wants to go camping, we’re down!

Closing up shop.

City slicker.

Exhausted pup on the drive home.

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  1. Anne says:

    Hey! HdG! Ya’ll were my way! That yellow house is no longer a toy store. If you go up to the door they have a sign that says, “This is no longer a toy store.” You’d think maybe painting over the ‘Toys’ part of their house would make things easier.
    HdG is totally a place where most businesses close at 5pm every day. But there are neat antiques/retro/vintage wares stores there, if you’re even by again. Nice pics!

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