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As you may have noticed (or maybe not), it’s been a long time since I made a photoblog post! There are a few reasons for it: not carrying around my camera as much for no real reason, not being on my computer as much overall, and just not making the time for it like I used to. But I’m going to try to jump back on board, maybe once a month, because I’ve been doing this for so long that it would feel weird to stop.

Yesterday was my nine-year anniversary of adopting Rover and I had a photoblog post even way back then! And it was really nice to look back on that time and relive it through photos. My photoblog back then used to live on my livejournal though – which I also still post in, albeit friends-only. Ha.

Here are a few photos from the past few months and then a normal amount from the past week when I decided to jump on again.

At the Galentines show, a Saves The Day cover band.

Wipers cover band, my roommates Krista and Tiff were in this band but I didn’t get many good shots.

That Dog

A cold nanny day in February, hanging out in Barnes and Nobles because it’s free, warm and they have an endless supply of things to entertain toddlers with. Here’s Amanda and Annabel, who we have almost daily play dates with.

Annabel’s little sister, Mariella.

Leo insisting on standing on a bench, because why not?

Attendant playing at PhilaMOCA, featuring my roommate, Jen

My roommate Sam, getting ready to play in The Goodbye Party with Mikey at their first local show as a full band.

Mikey started The Goodbye Party as a solo project but put a band together after he finished a record that had a lot of full instrumentation on it.


A show at the batting cages a few weeks later.


This is my favorite weird spot for shows in Philly.

The Goodbye Party

Radiator Hospital

A slightly warmer day in April. Annabel and Leo. I love this photo because of their expressions, which seem weirdly adult. They look like they could be siblings but they’re not related.

In March I started doing Muay Thai at a gym my buddy Charlie started, 8 Limbs Academy. I had always been slightly intrigued by Muay Thai, for all the reasons that I had been into crossfit (intensity, group training, coaching/trainers, small gym membership/tight knit community to keep you accountable). All of those things have really held true for Muay Thai and I’ve been loving it.

I’ve been getting in 3-4x a week for the past two months and it’s been cool to feel myself improving alongside a whole bunch of other people who nervously signed up and had no idea what they were getting themselves into.


This past month it finally got warm, porch sitting weather for at least one of the weeks.

Mikey went on tour for two and a half weeks – I spent a lot of time at work, Muay Thai, climbing, gardening and taking Rover for long walks.

Nanny days have started to fly by since we can spend most of our days outside enjoying the sun and just exploring and poking around instead of being stuck in our indoor surroundings where you have to think of something new and interesting for the babies every five minutes. Nannying in the winter is honestly a pretty tough job. Nannying in the summer is one of the best jobs I can think of (depending on the family/kids of course – I’ve gotten pretty lucky!).

Seeing Malachy in photos weirdly shows me how much bigger he has gotten since I started with him! I hadn’t really noticed in person, but in these latest photos he looks like such a boy! He’s turning two in the next couple weeks.


Dollar Dog night at a Phillies game last week – they have veggie dogs!

I may or may not have eaten five of them…. They weren’t filling! And they were only a dollar! And doing Muay Thai has given me a pretty insatiable appetite these days.

Somehow the only social pic I took at the game – I’m out of practice at discretely pulling out my camera for candid photos.

This weekend Mikey finally got back and we chilled out pretty hard – went out to eat a bunch, slept in late, did a lot of reading and listening to music, caught up on Louie, etc. We also met up with my friend Kimmy who was in town for an Olympic Lifting meet at my old Crossfit gym.

She did great at her meet and it was really nice to catch up with her. She lives in New York but we went to MICA together. She is very strong. We went to Bare Burger because all the lifters got a discount (but now that I think about it I think we forgot to even ask for it, ha!) and they had probably the best veggie burger I’ve ever had in Philly. I would definitely go back.

Sunday breakfast burritos at Honest Tom’s.

Then we had a long “work” hang at Greenline with Cynthia and Jen. We originally had a lot planned to get done but just ended up chatting the whole time.

Putting my camera in my backpack now so that I’ll get back in the swing of things – especially now that it’s warming up and I’m actually doing more social stuff.

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