The Big 30: 1/21 – 2/09/2015

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I turned 30 this past week and feel pretty great about it. I’ve never had social hang ups about turning 30, but I think it helps that I had an ‘I need to be an adult’ revelation when I turned 27 and got most of my weird ‘legal stuff’ in order. When I turned 27, I didn’t have a copy of my birth certificate, a social security card, an in-state license, didn’t have insurance of any kind to my name, didn’t have a savings account and worked off the books. When it came to anything bureaucratic I was making my life so hard – two forms of ID? Every single time, it was a scramble to figure something out. So that year, I got it all in order, I took care of everything listed above, became more adamant about working on the books (harder than you would think in childcare; surprisingly, a lot of families view it as a headache), set up a Roth IRA and started a savings account and an investment account, paid off all my debt and got to work saving. A year or two later, I got renters insurance, auto insurance (and a car), and, finally, health insurance, and started having regular doctors visits to take care of my totally unchecked allergies. So overall, by the time 30 hit I feel pretty on top of my game in terms of the things that might make me feel freaked out. All of these things might seem obvious, but in the world of punk and DIY, they aren’t really on the forefront of anyones minds – including myself. I don’t think about any of this stuff often, but it admittedly feels good to have a little security and to finally have the looming stress of living paycheck to paycheck off my back.

I still need to go to the dentist though, which I might put off for another 6 years.

Here are some things from the end of January through the first week of February, when I celebrated my birthday.

One night in mid-January, we went roller skating at the Holiday Skate Center in NJ. Tuesday night is adult skate and they have an organ player playing all the old-timey hits. It’s really fun.





We went with a big group of friends and I think everyone had a blast. Most of the other skaters there are pretty serious roller skating enthusiasts. They have the outfits. They know the dance steps. It’s fascinating.



They even have a few songs where only the dancers are allowed on the rink to do the specific dances to those songs. It’s so cool!


Our group


A day at work: nanny mom and baby with the same mannerism!


Malachy and Leo are full-on best buds now, with lots of giggling, hugs, kissing and wrestling.


The wrestling isn’t always intentional.


Leo had his first birthday in late January, and as a birthday idea, I took the guys to a museum on a little field trip. I knew Leo hadn’t been so I thought it would be a special treat for a dreary winter day. Here they are in the hot butterfly room which fogged up my camera. In Chicago I was a total ‘big outings’ nanny but there are almost no free days at museums in Philly. It’s weird! I’ve looked it up a few times but there’s really not much.


Checking out scorpions.


Playing in the Outdoor exhibit. Playing near this fake water only lasted about a second before Leo tried to eat it all.



After Leo goes down for his afternoon nap, that’s when Malachy and I do some of the bigger kid stuff, like playing with play dough (Leo is still trying to eat everything), coloring (Leo tries to eat those too), and lately we’ve been playing with these long pieces of cardboard turning them into various things, but mostly using them as a race track (which we try with Leo but usually he just wants to sit right on it, which frustrates Malachy sometimes).



Malachy giving Leo a birthday present.


and then proceeding to open if after Leo was too distracted with a piece of wrapping paper.


(a lot of kid pics. Sorry to anyone who isn’t my nanny families reading this.)
Some tunnel hair.





This is one of my favorite things.


A show on the last night of January, our friend Cynthia playing a solo set.


Breakfast and bowling the following morning. Jen found out about a morning bowling special where it’s really cheap if you go Sunday mornings, and they have breakfast on the menu, so we went for it. The novelty of it was fun but breakfast from a bowling alley was about as good as you imagine it would be…. We all had regrets.


But bowling was fun!


I don’t know why Mikey is making this face but apparently it was funny for everyone else.



The following weekend (this past one), was my birthday weekend. I always feel a little weird about my birthday because the holidays happen and then it’s January and everyone is mostly in hibernation mode. So when my birthday rolls around, I feel like I mostly haven’t seen a lot of people for two months or so. So when it comes to having a celebration with a bunch of friends I usually think ‘I’m not even used to socializing anymore, it would probably be awkward and weird.” So I opted to do something intentionally low key and cozy. Mikey and I got an air bnb in Shephardstown, WV that had a hot tub and a sauna.


We just went for the weekend but it was great, very cozy and relaxing.


The air bnb we stayed in was this little back house on an historic farm. The family that lived in the main house bought it a year and a half ago, but the person who had it before them had turned the old chicken coop into a massage studio (they kept the foundation but that’s about it), which is why it was equipped with a sauna and hot tub. The family mostly didn’t use it so when friends suggested they turn it into an air bnb they went for it. The host was so nice!


This is the outside. Definitely doesn’t look like a chicken coop or a massage studio even, for that matter.


The public library in downtown Shephardstown. It was so cute. It reminded me of Stars Hollow. A lot of the buildings were built in the 1700s. There was one main strip of restaurants, stores and coffee spots. We spent a good amount of time in the book store and record store. Shephardstown has a college there so it was hard to get a feel for the demographic. It felt very rural but surprisingly young, and it was hard to tell if it was intentional quirky and charming or if it is authentically and is just what other places that are quirky and charming are trying to emulate.


After shopping around we walked down to the Potomac.


It wasn’t too cold, but wasn’t as warm as we had hoped either. The weather app kept saying it was supposed to be 55 but it was probably 45 the whole time.



Lunch at the Blue Moon Cafe. Basically all the people working in food service seemed like theatre kids from the college, so we had a lot of funny interactions.


At a local shop.


After spending time in the town, we headed back to lay around and read by the fireplace. The air bnb hosts’ dog kept running by our sliding door and asking to come in, so we let him visit. It’s a dog friendly air bnb so we want to go back in the summer and bring Rover.


Then we did this for a few hours.


Then we did this.


It’s hard to tell but we were wearing swim suits, haha. The main house wasn’t far away.




Another view at night. We went back into town for dinner, then we bought popcorn to make at home, read some more, watched Broad City, and…. Frozen! Ha. They had Direct TV but for some reason we decided to watch Frozen. Neither of us had seen it somehow and our friends said it was good? It was actually fun to watch. The following day we got breakfast then headed home so we could settle back in before the work week.


This week spring feels so close. Counting down the days…. this photoblog will be a lot more active in the spring.

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  1. Meade says:

    Roller Skating looks neat. I think 30 is so very young- especially these days! I don’t see why anyone would worry over it, Good to see you handled it well, and you are now fully an adult. Congrats!

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