Here’s To The New Year: 1/4 – 1/20/15

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I’ve started out feeling pretty good for 2015. I’ve made a pretty conscious effort to roll back the urgency of my personal projects so that they can feel fun again. From comics/illustrations, to DIYPHL, to the PA Share, to thinking about food and fitness, to trying to save money to buy a house eventually, I always have something from my to-do list on my mind and I know it doesn’t need to be that way. So that’s my focus for the beginning of the year. To approach things with less of an attack. I don’t need to be 100% productive all the time! It’s been great to make a mental switch over to reading for fun, watching movies, going to bed without worrying about what I haven’t gotten done each night, etc. I feel like a lot of my mid-to-late twenties were focused on how much I could DO/produce, because I needed to prove to myself that I was doing anything and not just floundering. But now I feel pretty settled and feel less like I need to be proving myself all the time. Just in time for turning 30 in two weeks. It feels like a good place to be in.

With that, here are some photos from the last couple weeks – there aren’t too many because I spent a lot of time reading or hanging out in my room with Mikey and Rover, or at the climbing gym.

Allison and Sam playing a show at Golden Tea House a couple weeks ago. P1320683

One night, our friend Jared had a birthday party at the Drexel free hockey game. Attendance is always really low at them, and they’re free, so it’s a weird fun thing to go do that is pretty different. He requested that everyone bring a pizza from a different pizza joint around the city. We filled a whole section! P1320686



People really came through. This was only half the stack. P1320699

Reading in the Green Line with some nice weekend light. P1320701

A show a few Sunday’s ago that my roommate Sam put on as a benefit for the PA Share. We’ve been operating a PA Share for the past year (people can sign up to become a member and then check out the PA for an event they’re doing), but the amp blew in one of the speakers, and while it’s under warranty and can be repaired for free or cheap, the whole operation is out of commission while we wait for the repair. So we decided to try to raise money to buy a backup speaker, so that if one needs repair in the future it won’t shut the whole thing down. Girlpool just moved to Philly and played this show. P1320703

and Dean from the Quarterbacks, and our roommate Sam played a solo Radiator Hospital set. It was a packed show and that one show alone raised enough to buy a new speaker. P1320704

A nanny day earlier this month, scarfing some blueberries, Leo’s food of choice these days. P1320708

On an exceptionally cold weekday. This is what my nanny landscape looks like on an exceptionally cold day when we don’t get to leave the house. Really small kids burn through a surprising amount of ideas in a nine hour day. Their attention span is really only about 4 minutes long per activity… P1320709

These boxes have really been holding their own though. P1320714




Rover has finally started utilizing his blanket bed. I have to ask him to go in it every night but when I do he will happily curl up inside now. P1320731

A group meal at home, courtesy of my roommate Krista and her love of making baked ziti. P1320741



Someone using my camera while I wasn’t in the room. Artsy. P1320746

And this one too, haha. P1320747

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