NYE at The Factory: 12/30/14 – 1/3/15

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As a way to end the New Year and as our holiday gift to each other, Mikey and I went out to a fancy dinner to celebrate each other’s accomplishments from the year. Throughout the year whenever something cool would happen for either of us, we would say ‘let’s go out to dinner and celebrate!’ but then we just wouldn’t make time to do it with real intention. Things like getting new jobs, me finishing the illustrations on the book I illustrated, him finishing recording his record, and then him releasing it, etc! Things that should be celebrated – the problem is that our achievements rarely sync up, so when I’m just finishing something, he’s in the thick of something he’s working on, or vice versa. P1320569-1

It was a nice time, and delicious. But now I’ve been to Barbuzzo a bunch of times and need to expand my fancy dinner game. Suggestions?P1320570-1

On New Years Eve, we went to a show and then to a party. I always feel funny about New Years Eve. I always want it to be a ‘cool thing’ but then it puts all these weird expectations on pretty normal activities that I do all the time anyway, like shows and parties. P1320574-1

But they both ended up being pretty fun and I felt pretty content with my NYE ultimately, more so than in previous years even. This is Littler.P1320576-1

P1320578-1 P1320580-1

Fleabite from Boston P1320588-1

Over at the party, it was also doubling as a birthday party for Katie and Allison and it was themed. P1320589-1


It was a Warhol Factory theme, not a far departure from how our friends already dress, just more tin foil and sunglasses inside. It was fun. P1320596


Sam and Mikey P1320600

Krista and Dan P1320601

Tiff! P1320602

Happy NYE P1320603



Providing our own sparkling bev. Neither me or Mikey drink, which is great for our relationship, and usually okay for our social life. Depending on the party vibe we can both have a good time in party settings. P1320621

Jeff P1320622

Poppers P1320623

“That popper landed only on me!” P1320624 P1320625

Jesse and Amy P1320628

The whole following weekend we slept in pretty late and relaxed hard. P1320631

The Twilight Zone. We watched it all last winter and then for some reason stopped over the summer and fall. I guess it feels winter appropriate in a weird way. P1320632

Bowling in Clifton Heights P1320636

In my studio, pretending it’s warm out. P1320671

Open skate at the Penn rink. It ended up being too packed to really be fun but I’m excited to go back when it isn’t around the holidays. P1320675

Post-skate coffee at Joe’s so we could visit our friend Joey. P1320680

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  1. Joe says:

    Amis is pretty similar to Barbuzzo in some aspects (Italian/Mediterranean, price point). They do a meatless Monday that’s supposed to be very good. Sitting at the counter that runs along the kitchen is dope. Zahav is kind of pricey but super amazing.

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