Fall Full Swing: 9/15 – 10/5

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I haven’t been taking many photos lately so I’ve just let them accumulate for a few weeks before making another post. So this post encompasses three weeks worth of stuff. The weeks have been flying by. My new job is relatively exhausting which leaves me feeling pretty drained by the time I get home. I try to get some drawing stuff done if I can muster the energy, and have been making it to the climbing gym still which is great. I really look forward to it in the way that I used to look forward to Crossfit, as a way to decompress and do something good for myself. Otherwise, I’ve had some good time with buds, went to a few shows, and took a day trip to New York for Daniel’s book release. Here’s all of that.

A couple weekends ago, Girls Rock Philly had a gala event to raise money for their year round programming. Here’s one of the youth bands playing at the event. Their songs are so catchy!

You can watch them here!

Brielle talking about fundraising and the sustainer program. I volunteer for Girls Rock Philly during their summer camp, and am also a sustainer! You should be too. Check out girlsrockphilly.org.

A guest performer with some students singing backup.

Camae reading poetry before performing as Moor Mother Goddess.

You can watch Camae’s performance here!

The next morning we met up with Brad and Melanie for brunch at the Royal Tap Room.

Then we swung by Joe, a coffeeshop in West Philly, where our friend Joey works and our new roommate Krista just got a job. They were both working the same shift so we wanted to visit.


and later that night made a big spaghetti dinner. I’m the most impressionable person when it comes to food. I’m pretty sure I just saw a photo of someone else eating spaghetti and then couldn’t get it out of my mind for the rest of that day.

My low maintenance summer flower garden going strong.

Our house, Swoon City.

Later that same night, we went to a show at our friends’ house, The Mitten, to see Moor Mother Goddess, Trophy Wife, Laughing Man and Pinkwash. This is Trophy Wife with Camae jumping on a song.

Laughing Man from DC.

A typical day at work right now, with Leo and Simone. Cute little babes.

Leo is 8 months and in the phase where he spends most of his time putting his mouth on everything.

Peek a boo around the chair, very popular with the kids these days.

Out at the park. We spend a lot of time at Rittenhouse.

The following weekend, a bonfire at our friends’ house, the Kat Frat. Most people we know live in group houses that have names.

Last Saturday, Mikey and I headed up to NYC for a quick trip to see Daniel at the New York Art Book Fair. Daniel, my best bud, has been working hard on a book project for the past year, a sort of sequel to a book he released a few years ago. The release of the book was at the art book fair, and he had a signing.

The fair was way more overwhelming and much larger than I expected. I had always heard that it was really big and that people came from all over for it, but still.
Checking out other rooms/tables.


I was briefly starstruck in a silly way when Daniel was talking to his friend Dev, who happens to be a musician/producer that I really like, who goes by Blood Orange.

Check out Daniel’s work at http://www.danielpshea.com
After his signing, we went out to dinner with him and his girlfriend, Cassie, who I didn’t manage to get a photo of. It was great to catch up with them both.
We caught the bus home the same night, and were able to see fireworks from our bus stop as we left.
Back in Philly, last Saturday night.

On Sunday, we had pretty productive mornings at home, and then planned to do something fun with housemates. We ended up going bowling at this little bowling alley we’ve passed a bunch of times in Upper Darby.

We’re all pretty subpar bowlers but our victory dances are top notch.
So is our snack game.
A day at the climbing gym this past week. I’ve been trying to get random friends to try climbing, just to keep things interesting, and to potentially have more friends to go climb with. This week Emily went for the first time, and Melissa has become a regularly climbing friend in the past two weeks.

This Thursday night was the first Drexel hockey game. Last year, a group of friends started going to Drexel and Penn hockey games because they’re close to where we all live, they’re free, and super low key. It’s just a good excuse to hang out, eat snacks, and heckle.


This Friday we went out to dinner for my roommate Jen’s birthday. I got her a box of italian pastries, including lots of cannoli.
Sorry about the little tongue stick out, Jen, but this photo is so cute.


We all went to Sitar for Indian buffet.
Birthday girl.
We all went to the Kat Frat afterward for another fire.


On Saturday morning, we welcomed our friends Greg and Shannon who were just moving up from DC. Mikey used to live with them in DC before Mikey moved up here two years ago.
A huge crew of people, including us, showed up to help them unload their moving truck. It’s probably the first time in history that that has happened. It felt like a clear sign that they should be moving to Philly.
I spent the rest of the day working on commissions and had a super productive weekend, fortunately. I’ve felt like I’ve been playing catch up for a few weeks and now I feel relatively caught up. Saturday night, we all went to a show at Lava Space. This is Pygmy Lush.


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