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A bit of catch up – things have felt like a slow whirlwind the past couple weeks – new roommates moving in, starting a new job, ending my old one, getting in some end of summer hangs, and keeping up with creative projects. I’m not doing a great job on that last one, which is why I haven’t made a photoblog post in a few weeks.

Here are some photos from the past two weeks.

My last week with Luc – some glowy light in his backyard.


On our last day together, I took him to the Please Touch Museum for a special treat. He had never been and was overwhelmed by all the things to try.

This kid is usually a little dare devil and is usually very outgoing, but he had just hit a shy phase during our last two weeks together, so he actually reacted pretty funny to a lot of things. He wouldn’t let go of my hand on the carousel – and this is usually a little bud who goes head first down the slide. You can never know what to expect with toddlers – even when you spend every day with them!


That Friday, the day after I finished with Luc, I had a day with my new babies and their moms to get to know their routines and personalities.

This is Simone.

This is Leo. They’re both very sweet and getting used to being in each other’s company. I’m in my second week with them and it’s been a challenge, but it’s coming along.

A weekend walk to get coffee and donuts.

That weekend our friend Welch was in town, so we met up with him and Ian for coffee and lunch.
We went to my favorite park in Center City.
And then hung out at Dickinson Square Park to kill time before going to see Guardians of the Galaxy, which was really fun. A perfect summer movie.
That night was a housewarming party at our friends place across the street from us.
This is the only photo I took for some reason.
A few days later, my roommates were all playing a show, Tiff in Wildflowers of America, Jen in Attendant, and Sam in Radiator Hospital. It was Radiator Hospital’s record release/tour kickoff show. This is Attendant.
Radiator Hospital. The day after this, our roommate Sam left for tour for almost two months!
A week later…last Friday night – we went out to a fancy dinner at a vegan spot called Charlie Was a Sinner. It was a belated celebration for our friend Aiden’s birthday. Here are Jess and Sean. I’ve only recently started hanging out with Jess because of the climbing gym, she’s great!
Her roommate, Krystina, too
Aiden! I’ve known Aiden for a while but we’ve also started hanging out more because of the climbing gym, and because she’s our neighbor now.
This Saturday we started the day by going to get donuts from Federal.
Then we headed over to Clark Park where Catherine, Luc’s older sister, was having a big joint 4th birthday party with a few other kids in the neighborhood.
She took a liking to Mikey this time. Every other time she’s met him she’s always been extremely shy toward him.

Not sure what changed! So cute.
Siblings! The best little duo.
Eddie was there too! Eddie and Luc were my full-time share for the past year, but my position with Eddie ended at the beginning of summer. It was fun to see him again. He’s talking a lot, but speaking a lot more Bulgarian too! Luc and Eddie just started preschool/daycare together which is really cute. Reunited!

Rachel, Luc and Catherine’s mom, with Aunt Bert, their next door neighbor.

Charismatic little buddy
After the birthday party, I went to acupuncture, then got a haircut, then got gel manicures with Aiden! A total spa day. I’m going to be in my best friends wedding later this week so I used the weekend to get ready.
Getting a manicure was fun, and gel manicures are a game changer. I never painted my nails because I use my hands too much – between nannying, drawing, gardening and climbing, they get chipped almost immediately. But these are supposed to last two weeks or so. So far so good, even after climbing last night.
Later on Saturday night, we drove out to West Chester for a big birthday dinner for Jess’s boyfriend, Sean.
There was a huge crew of people.
On the way to the restaurant, a few carfuls of people spotted a carnival, so we decided to go to it on the way back to Philly.
The weather was slightly stormy, and the rides were so expensive. Who knew? But we still went on two of them.

It was really fun, but I felt queasy afterward. I don’t know why we thought it was a good idea to eat greasy chinese food and then go on rides.


Sunday morning brunch at home
Krista, our new roommate, and Mikey
A bunch of other folks came over too


I can’t believe I managed to type this while babies were sleeping! Got lucky.

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