Riding It Out: 7/28 – 8/3/2014

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We’ve gotten to the part of summer where I sort of feel like I’m just riding it out. Things are a little routine, the buzz of summer has worn off, and I’m taking a lot of days for granted instead of making the most of them. It just is what it is. I’ve found myself kind of anticipating fall – getting back into a work routine, starting to save money again, going for long fall walks where I don’t get too sweaty, and drinking hot coffee.

Here’s the past week in photos – it’s a shortish one.

Luc-ers enjoying a picnic at the park last Tuesday. I’m definitely going to miss this little guy in a few weeks when my job is over, but it’s nice knowing that we’re practically neighbors and I’m sure to see him around, whether intentionally or not.P1300014


Rover on bath day. This dog has terrrrrrible allergies, and despite taking zyrtec daily, and benedryl when it’s at its worst, he’s still itching like wild. I feel pretty bad for him but short of steroid shots, I’m not sure what more I can do for him. Bi-weekly baths help, and washing his bedding a lot to get rid of pollen and other allergens helps too. Every time I bathe him, I also wash his and our bedding so it’s like a total reset. He’s still pretty bummed.


A day at the climbing gym. I’ve just started trying out climbing and it’s really fun and hard. Once I know my work schedule and am making some money again, I hope to get a membership – so far I’ve just been going on guest passes with friends. Since quitting Crossfit, I haven’t really found anything that keeps me pumped in the same way, but climbing has the potential for that, and friends already go twice a week – so having a built in system of accountability certainly helps.


Here’s Aiden on the wall trying out a tricky new one.


aaaaaand after recovering from a fall. I haven’t had an uncontrolled fall yet and I’m scared to! But I know there isn’t a reason to be.


Here’s Jess doing a really advanced one. She’s really good at climbing and has been doing it for several years. She’s a good coach.


Here’s me trying out the same one Aiden was doing. This is about the spot where she fell. I jumped down right here because I was too scared, haha.


A cool day at the pool with Luc. This kid is in such a good phase right now – super funny and easy going. He cracks up at all sorts of stuff.


This weekend was a “big” (by my standards) music fest called OK Fest. It was mostly the same local bands from my friend group that play a lot, all stacked onto a few shows – but it was fun, and a benefit for Decarcerate PA. Here’s the Ambulars playing.


Mikey and Jen


Radiator Hospital




I didn’t take any more photos at the show. It got too crowded. At home, after the show. Dawoud came up from DC for the fest and crashed at our house.


Here he is showing Mikey the backend that he uses for stuff he does for NPR I think.


On Saturday, I went up to the Girls Rock Philly headquarters to put in some time helping out getting organized for Girls Rock Camp, which started this week. In advance of camp week, aside from the year long amount of work the regular GRP staff does, volunteers help get all the gear organized, loaded and moved to the site where camp is. Girls Rock Philly summer camp is a youth music and empowerment camp for girls where campers meet, form a band, attend workshops, learn an instrument, write a song as a band, and perform it at a big concert at the end of camp. It’s a lot of work and takes a lot of hands. The day I went, I tested gear and organized the guitars and basses.


I thought this was cute.


So much gear.


Later that night, after stopping by the OK Fest matinee show, and before spending the night working on zine stuff. Take-out with Mikey.


Dawoud came back after the OK Fest evening show and told us all about it, and we commenced with a regular third floor Swoon City hallway hang.


Rover joined us too, bed and all.


Laura took this of me.


Eerie Mikey.


In the morning, after walking to get breakfast burritos at Honest Tom’s.




Later on Sunday, I headed over to the summer camp site for Girls Rock Philly where volunteer orientation was being held. We spent the day getting announcements, getting acquainted, and decorating and organizing the space that camp is being held and would start the next day.


Get ready for next week’s photoblog post which will be a Girls Rock Philly camp week recap. Camp started today!

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