Sleepy Week: 7/8-7/14/14

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I didn’t take too many photos last week so this will be a short one. I started a comic-a-day project for July so that’s been consuming a lot of my free time, and that isn’t much to show, photo wise. It’s basically me sitting at my desk in my studio for hours at a time burning through bad tv dramas. Currently watching: Brothers & Sisters. It was also so hot last week that I spent a lot of time laying low. Here are the photos I do have.


A post-shred meal…. The only problem with working out with your friends is that you help each other justify dumb post workout meals, like pizza from Dominos. We went hard in the beginning of last week. P1290657-1


A day at the pool with little Luc. You would think baby pool day would be premium photoblog fodder but being at a pool with a little dude requires way too much attention to casually have my camera on deck. Which is too bad because he looks so cute in his pool getup. P1290659-2


Summer evening hibernation, too hot to do anything. P1290666-2 P1290667-2


Popping over to the Bathhouse to hang, one night this weekend. P1290673-2


Jon played some sick Sublime covers. P1290675-2 P1290677-2


Portraits of the cats at home. My roommate was given a job offer that was too good to turn down, and it included free housing – which means he can’t take these little dudes with him. If you see this and happen to know anyone in the Philly area looking to adopt a cat, look here! It was a really hard decision, but one he had to make. This is Lucy. P1290685-1


Pippa, the tiny one that meows a lot. P1290692-1


Albert is the one that’s appeared on my photoblog most because he’s the only one that hangs out with me. He doesn’t mind Rover so he will hang out in our room a lot. The other two tolerate Rover but don’t prefer his company. P1290693-1


On Saturday we went to Center City just to hang out. Mikey got a haircut, we went to Long in the Tooth, the record store, got lunch, checked out some clothing stores, and bought some plants at the Rittenhouse Farmer’s Market. It was nice to just go for a leisurely stroll downtown. I feel like I never leave West Philly since I started working in West Philly. The commute is nice but I like working in other neighborhoods for the change of pace. P1290696-1


On Sunday, my roommate Tiff played her first show in a new band, Wildflowers of America. They were pretty cool power pop stuff. Tiff looks so tough when she plays. P1290703


Perry doing his thing. He writes all the songs for this band, I’m pretty sure. P1290705


I also got to see Dark Thoughts, who I had been hearing about. Also great and fun to watch. I’ve been in a show/music slump and haven’t been keeping up with new bands these days. I need to get back on that because I’ve probably been ignoring a lot of stuff I would like. P1290706 P1290707


After the show we went over to Nachohouse to meet up with folks to go out to dinner. P1290708


But first, Perry was talked into sticking his tongue in a venus fly trap, which are weirdly scary. It actually closed on his tongue. P1290713


Indian buffet. It has officially been decided that Sitar is the best option for indian buffet. We were going back and forth about which place we liked best, because there are so many so close to one another, but kept forgetting about Sitar. P1290715


Joey impressed us with the height of his kick on the walk home. P1290718

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