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We’re in the trenches of Philly summer – the hottest and most humid days that drag by in a weird way. Everything feels a little sluggish when it’s so hot and muggy outside. As I type this, it’s 96 degrees and has been since noon. You either have to embrace the heat and spend all day doing summer fun things soaking in your own sweat, or lay low and summer hibernate. I usually alternate between modes, depending on the day.

Last Monday was a day off for me, and I spent it working on projects, and going to the pool since it was finally open for the season. The Kingsessing public pool in West Philly is a little gem. Not too crowded, nice and clean, and has adult swim every night (though it’s just as fun to go when kids are there because they always want to play games and say funny things to you). And it’s free!


That night, we also kicked off the start of a house fitness challenge, 30 days of Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. Mikey, Sam and I have been going strong every night doing the shred, and it’s been pretty fun doing it all together. A little roommie accountability.


Post shred meal on the front porch


This week, Laura and I started a July project in which she’s writing a story-a-day and posting them on tumblr. I’m drawing a comic-a-day to jump start my personal comics writing again. I haven’t posted any yet because it’s hard to pencil and ink them all in one day, so I’ve just been satisfied with writing and penciling a comic a day, and then am inking on weekends. I’ll start posting them mid-way through July. Maybe starting on the 15th!


Late Monday night, we went to the art opening of some buds, Natalie and Ciera. It’s cool to see people around me pursuing things they’re into. It keeps me inspired and motivated.


One day last week, I went plant shopping with my friend, Aiden. We heard about a big sale and went to check it out.


We stopped at Urban Jungle to check out a fancier nursery first, but it was so expensive! I only got two really small things.


Then we headed to Home Depot where tons of stuff was on clearance and and 50% off on top of that. We went a little wild.



After getting home and shredding, my roomies and I all went out to Ramen Bar for a late dinner. We were in a silly mood and played Heads Up while we waited for our food.


One of my short days with Mr. Luc.




Later that night it down poured, which it felt like we desperately needed. I had been watering my front and back yard like wild.


After the rain, the sky turned really strange colors.

Like, really strange.


Hiding out in air conditioning


While hanging out buying plants with Aiden, she told me about how she had been wall climbing with her friend Jess recently. I had always wanted to try it, and Jess had even offered to bring me in the past, but I was admittedly a little intimidated by going with someone who is really good. So when Aiden said I should go it felt like the perfect opportunity – going with someone new and someone experienced.


I took an hour long class to learn the basics of bouldering, and just as I was let loose to go climb with Jess and Aiden, it started storming and the power in the climbing gym went out! We spent the next hour taking turns on the front wall that was lit up by the emergency lights. It was a funny day to learn how to climb. I really liked it though and am thinking about getting a membership.


Late night Abyssinia with Tiff and Mikey. I maybe spent too much money last week.


In the morning, at home.

I love them.


No one in my house seemed to have any big plans for the 4th. We all just planned to play it by ear, which ended up working out okay. Buddies at the Bathhouse ended up having a BBQ in their backyard.


Tiff wore a bangin USA romper.


After the BBQ and taking Rover on a long, winding walk through West Philly, Mikey and I rode bikes over to Drexel Park to watch the fireworks. It was a weirdly chilly night and it felt really nice.


Once we got to the park, we realized Aiden and Emily were there too and found them. They had sparklers.


For some reason the fireworks didn’t start til 11, which seemed weirdly late to me. WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN!? is what I was thinking. Really I was thinking they always seemed to start at dusk when I was growing up.


This could be a stock photo for “people watching fireworks display.”


After the fireworks we rode our bikes past Ed’s and got some absurd food.


A weekend morning at home


When I started out getting into houseplants a few years ago, I got a bunch of tiny little baby plants. Now they’ve all grown to medium and large pots and they don’t really make much sense together anymore. It’s hard to fit them in and they feel weirdly cluttered. So I spent the morning organizing my plants. I realize after typing that sentence how weird that is. But soon enough I’ll be able to spread them out into communal spaces and they can continue to get wild and large.


It’ll be nice to get a little more minimal with my room. I need some visual breathing room. Haha. I also realize how weird THAT sentence is.


On Saturday morning we went out to brunch as our future household, with Jen and Krista, who will be moving in in September.


I think it’s gonna be a good crew. When Laura, and then Guy, found out they were both moving out to pursue different things, I was pretty bummed and was worried the household dynamic would change for the worse with new roommates, but I’m pretty stoked that things fell into place with Jen and Krista and have a good feeling about the future of Swoon City.


On Sunday, Mikey tried to get this little film projector to work to play some old films he has. Something seems to be broken on it, but it still looked cool.

We were both working in on our studios and he came in to get me to show me the projector.


Later that evening I worked on the backyard and planted some flowering perennials and hung up new lights. Cuuuuute.


It’s a nice little spot. After finishing projects, taking Rover for a long walk, and getting supplies, we ended the weekend making milkshakes and drinking them on the hammock.

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