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Last week I only worked one day! The other days I ran a lot of errands, made copies of zines and watched bad tv while I stapled and folded them (I just finished the entire Army Wives series, all seven seasons, and have started watching The Fosters. That’s what I mean by bad tv.) caught up on commissions, had a doctor’s appointment, had jury duty, etc! Every day was something different.

On Thursday, I took a bus up to New York to get a tattoo, and of course, to hang out with Daniel, my best bud who lives there.


The weather was beautiful, and we decided just to take a long walk up the Hudson River and catch up on our lives. We’ve been friends for forever and I talk to him more than most people, but we still had a lot to catch up on. He had just been out of the country for the past two weeks doing interesting things.


Posing for the camera, like usual. He makes it nearly impossible to take candid photos of him.


After getting some food, we headed over to an opening for a group show at the David Zwirner gallery that our friend Ben had a piece in. Ben is Daniel’s roommate. Check out his paintings here. This wasn’t the piece in the show, but it was the piece in the gallery viewing room. I don’t really know what that means and I didn’t ask, but I assume it’s the room where they keep other work to show specifically to collectors? The world of fine art is pretty foreign to me despite my best friend being deeply entrenched in it.


I left from the opening to get to my appointment. The tattoo artist does hand poked tattoos, and I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of how long it would take or how much it would hurt – but I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t take too much longer than a normal tattoo and hurt less for the most part. I got a little drawing lady – an ode to fellow lady comic artists. Here’s a smaller photo stolen from instagram.



After my tattoo was done, I went….. somewhere…. to meet back up with Daniel at a bar where Ben was DJ’ing after his opening. I don’t really know neighborhoods in NYC and usually just plug an address into my phone and go there. I couldn’t really tell you where I was. Near the Bowery Ballroom, though, which I recognized from going to a show there once. At the bar, I met Cassie, who Daniel has been hanging out with and mostly talked to her for the rest of the night. In the morning, we all got a really delicious brunch in this pretty little back patio.


I headed back to Philly in time to pick up my CSA. Then Mikey and I went to an outdoor movie at a park in Mt. Airy. We watched Beetlejuice, which was way cooler than I ever realized as a kid. As a kid I remember it being pretty cartoonish, which it sort of is, but the design and animation in it are so cool as an adult having been through an animation program. The weather continued to be beautiful and there were a lot of fireflies.


On Saturday, I tabled at the Philly Feminist Zine Fest, which was pretty fun but I forgot to take any photos. Here’s one I stole from the internet that I think JB took. We arrived a little late to set up and ended up in a back room – which can be a curse when you’re tabling, but it actually turned out okay and it was a room full of the people I wanted to sit by anyway! (So there. Note to self: show up earlier next time.)


After the zine fest, Grace’s going away party happened in the garden at the Mitten.


Grace is moving to San Francisco to be a coordinator of Maximum Rock and Roll


It was a really fun BBQ hang.



Some of Jen’s friends were in town from Chicago for the Feminist Zine Fest. It was fun to see them for a bit.


On Sunday, we had a big porch sale at our house. Two of our roommates are moving out at the end of summer, others have left, and we’ve all accumulated a lot of stuff. It felt nice to go through a lot of it and declutter – or declutter the basement really. Our house is surprisingly clutter free, which is something I really like about it.


Rover got to meet some punk scene dog celebs, including Cleo and Audrey.



After the porch sale wrapped up (I’m just realizing the impressive amount of stuff I crammed into a four day span), no one in my house had plans and we were all looking for something to do, so we hopped on the train and headed over to a new pop up park on the waterfront.


But first we stopped for ice cream at the Franklin Fountain, an old-timey ice cream parlor with big sundaes. It was right near the park and we aren’t’ over that way too often.


The Spruce Street Harbor Park had only been open a few days and I had seen a lot of photos popping up around online and I was intrigued.


It was pretty rad. A good place to go hang for free on a summer night. It’s basically a pop-up boardwalk, with lights, a game room, concessions, and a beer garden and restaurant. And fifty hammocks – but they were full most of the time so we only got to hang out in the those after waiting a little while and poaching some.





There was this cool/weird garden installed in the water. These little islands float around.



It was definitely worth the trip as a spot to hang out with friends outside, but maybe you would be bummed if you went specifically to hang out in a hammock and couldn’t get one.


We all eventually did though.


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