End of the Daily Grind: 6/10-6/23/2014

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Phew! Full-time work life is over for now. I feel overwhelmed with how much I can get caught up with now that I have four days a week totally at my disposal. Will I clean and organize my studio? Will I print copies of my zines to re-stock everything? Will I start a new comics series? Will I start working on an animation? Who knows. I’ll definitely catch up on commissions, which I’m already almost done with. It feels great! I’ve also spent a lot of time weeding my front yard and giving my little flower garden some attention.

For now, here are photos from the past two weeks. I didn’t make a photoblog post last week because I realized I only had nanny photos and spent most of my free time inside working on commissions, so I didn’t have any extra fun stuff to show. I really love my nanny photos, but I know a lot of people get bored with pictures of kids they don’t know. I think that mine are a little more candid helps, though. I’ll start with a whole bunch of nanny photos, and then get to some other stuff. Sorry! It’s the life I’m liven, and I love these little guys anyway.

The past two weeks, Eddie’s dad was out of town and I was pulling some extra hours to help out his mom who was on her own with her two boys. I also had Luc with us a few days a week. The days were extra hot and muggy, and felt admittedly long. Here’s Luc, upon waking from a nap.


Eddie came up with me to get Luc and they ended up playing in the room for a bit. Luc loves to wave and blow kisses right now, which he’s doing in this photo. So cute.



I love Luc’s little glowy angel face here while Eddie struggles to take the binoculars off. This kind of describes the dynamic of being a nanny for two kids, haha. There’s always at least one of them who needs help with something at any given time.


Since it was so hot and it was a long week for Eddie with missing his dad, I wanted to do something fun for him. So we planned a playdate with my friend Amanda, who is also a nanny with a two year old buddy, Lee. We all went to the Please Touch Museum. Lee can hardly contain his excitement for the  carousel.


Amanda and Lee


These guys are good buddies. They’ve only hung out a few times but were fast friends. Eddie seemed especially down toward the end of that week, and even the carousel was only mildly amusing to him. He either was really starting to process missing his dad, or we can blame it on the full moon, mercury in retrograde, a heat wave, and rain all week.


At home, Albert being a bully and guarding the stairs.


Rover had to try three times before he could convince himself to push past Albert.


I mean, he looks pretty intimidating.


Evening coffee break in Mikey’s studio on the weekend. He spent a lot of last weekend working on his record, and I spent it working on commissions. I just popped in to bring him some coffee. Me and Mikey have a really good dynamic because we both value alone work time and don’t get upset if the other needs to hole away for hours (or sometimes days) at a time. I don’t think we would ever work if just one of us was that way.


Sunday morning brunch at the Memphis Taproom with Brad and Melanie. I’ve been trying to remind myself to reach out to hang out with people so I don’t fall into ruts of seeing no one or just seeing my roommates. It’s weird how often that happens with me. I’m good at always making work or projects for myself that don’t require anyone else so I tend to default to that instead of socializing, which isn’t always great for my brain. It was nice catching up with them! A good reminder that I should try to do that more often.


After brunch, we went over to Greensgrows to pick up our CSA share which we forgot to pickup on Friday, but much to our dismay, the person in line in front of us got the last leftover share. We blew it!


I used it as an excuse to buy some shade perennials for the backyard.


I spent the whole rest of the day going to Lowes, turning in compost, planting stuff, and mulching our backyard. I’ve slowly been transforming it over the course of the past two years I’ve lived at the house. It’s hard to really prioritize it monetarily because it’s just a rental and it feels silly to sink money into a house and yard that aren’t mine. But also – I love gardening and I love spending time in outdoor spaces, and so far, I have no plans to move. So if I’m going to be in the house long term, it feels worth spending time and money on. Here’s how the backyard has changed since last summer.
I could only find a small version of it, but here’s what the backyard looked like when I very first moved in, almost two years ago.


A hot nanny day on the back patio at Eddie’s. They got a little kiddie pool and it was the perfect activity for my last week of work with Eddie. We just relaxed and enjoyed the weather. Here you can see Eddie chomping on some parsley. I made the mistake of showing him all the herbs and teaching him the names. And then the rest of the week he would run out and say “par-sa-ley? par-sa-ley?” and kept picking and eating leaves. He was strangely good at only picking parsley and nothing else. Future horticulturist?


Little turtle


Eddie looks like a cherub from a renaissance painting here.




Last week my roommate Laura booked a show for her friends’ band from California, Benny The Jet Rodriguez.


All the men in my house reading zines at the show, or maybe Sam is writing his set list here.


My roommate Sam’s band, Radiator Hospital, also played.


Cynthia and Jon playing in Radiator Hospital


Indian buffet with Tiff one night last week. It seems to happen often that one of us will come home tired and not wanting to cook on the same day that everyone else is feeling the same way. The answer is always Indian buffet.


Last week I had Thursday and Friday off, the start of my relaxed summer. Mikey got out of work early one day, during his last week working a sort of miserable job, so we walked to Honest Tom’s.


A really pretty wildflower at the abandoned old West Philly High School


A few days before, I dug a few wildflowers up and planted them in our front yard. They’re pretty aggressive spreaders and are growing out of the cracks at the old high school. You can’t even tell any are missing! I’ve done what I’ve could to find flowers for free, get some from friends yards, buy on clearance, etc to fill out our front yard.
I spent my whole first day off just relaxing. It felt so good, and also a little wrong. Reading zines in the hammock.


We have this giant tree in our backyard that is severely overgrown. It really needs to be trimmed, but our landlord is relatively absent. She doesn’t even live in the city and hasn’t been to our house in the two years that we’ve lived there. I imagine it won’t get trimmed until a neighbor complains or we do, but on our list of things we want to ask from our landlord, the tree getting trimmed isn’t the most pressing. So I decided to see what I could do about at least a little of it.


I was able to cut down the branches that were coming down into our yard at least. No help to our neighbors, unfortunately.


We didn’t really have plans all weekend, so we just sort of looked for things to do that were free and outside, because the weather was so beautiful. On Friday night, we went to the Race St. Pier with Laura and Guy.


I had never been there but Guy knew it had been re-done. It was really pretty. If you’re ever looking for a good date spot, this is one.


Saturday morning


Brunch with the roommies. Laura and Guy are both moving in two months, Guy to Chicago and Laura to LA. Talk about a bummer.


Laura is currently working as a dog walker and brought over a dog she’s been sitting for all week so that her and Rover could play.


They got along really well. Tsunami still has a lot of puppy energy, which Rover tolerates surprisingly well considering he’s almost 10.


Did you know I have the most photogenic dog?


Tsu and Rover. Rover looks like he’s missing a leg here. Most times he lays down he tucks one all the way under himself, even when we’re doing tricks and I ask him to lay down. It’s a weird thing he’s always done. Even in his shelter photo he had one leg tucked under.


Saturday night with no plans again, Mikey and I went up to Fishtown to go to Pizza Brain, always worth the trip.


Late night Capogiro afterward.


Jen met us there! Jen is one of the people moving in to our house this fall when Laura and Guy move out. I can’t wait to live with this lady.


On Sunday, after spending some time making copies of zines with Laura, we took the dogs out to the Wissahickon to go hiking.


They had a blast and the weather was so perfect.


Every time I make a photoblog, I end up thinking “Philly is pretty much the best.”

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  1. karla says:

    Melanie! She’s so nice. I miss seeing her in Portland.

    I guess some people probably dislike photos of people they don’t know, but as long as it’s well done, I enjoy any photo.

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