Grass is Greener: 5/25/14 – 6/1/14

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This past week flew by! I had Thursday-Sunday off again, which was great. I managed to get some small stuff done, like the new diyphl calendar and some sketches for a commission, but mostly just enjoyed the beautiful weather and took a weekend trip to New York.


Friday morning work date at the Greenline. P1280862


On Friday I met up with a good crew to have a coffeeshop work hang. I want to get back in the habit of doing that, because it’s a good way for me to make sure I socialize instead of just holing up in my studio. I’m trying to be better and more intentional about reaching out to people to hang out. I can fall into ruts where I don’t see anyone outside of my house for a week or two at a time. P1280863


An afternoon hang with Rover. Later that evening, I caught some neighborhood kids taunting Rover through the front door of our house and getting him really worked up and stressed out. They were all the way up on our porch teasing him through the front door window. It was such a bummer and made me worry that it happens while I’m not home. I opened the door and hollered at the kids a couple times, and then I realized I basically had turned it into a game where they thought it was fun to run away. So I caught one of the kids by himself and made him come up on the porch. He was terrified of me, haha. I asked him a bunch of questions about animals, like whether he likes them, whether he thinks my dog is mean, whether he knows anyone with a dog and would he do the same thing to his grandma’s dog? Then I brought Rover out on the porch and had the kid pet him and the kid ended up feeling really bad about making Rover so stressed out. He was an 8 year old, so he definitely had the capacity to know better and I got through to him because I saw him go down on the sidewalk and tell his friends to leave Rover alone. Sigh. Kids at that ageā€¦ I definitely prefer toddlers. Ha. P1280871


After the dog ordeal, I ran out to see Cynthia play a solo set at the Great Indoors. Cynthia used to be the singer in Heavy Bangs, when we were still a band, and now she’s doing solo stuff. She rules. P1280873


After running a bunch of errands Saturday morning, I met up with Mikey and we took the Bolt Bus up to New York. He was playing a solo show that night so we went up earlier to hang. P1280874


We met up with Daniel and Joe, two of my best buds, who both live in New York. I don’t talk to Joe too often these days so it was good to catch up. The three of us met our first week of college! P1280879


After dropping Mikey off at his show to get set up, we went to dinner at Caracas and ate arepas, a food I’ve only ever eaten in New York. We spent dinner catching up and reminiscing, since it isn’t often that the three of us all get together. P1280883 P1280886


Waiting for the show to start, at Death By Audio P1280889


Mikey setting up. He’s doing a few shows with a backing band made up of friends because they just put out a split tape/7in together. This was the first of those shows. P1280892


It was cool to see, because I’ve seen Mikey play a LOT of times, as you can imagine, but this time there were all new arrangements for a few of the songs and it was cool to see how they changed with a full band. One thing Mikey does with his music that I really like is he caters his songs to the show he’s playing, sometimes making totally new arrangements for different shows. I think that’s really cool and pretty unique. I usually don’t know what a song will sound like before it comes out, which is really fun. It makes me want to keep seeing him time after time, when I could opt out and stay home. P1280895 P1280897


After the show, we took a cab back to Daniel’s and slept at his place. Daniel was leaving at 6am for a shoot (he is almost never in NYC. it’s rare to catch him in one place for more than a few days it seems), so he let us crash in his bed which was nice after a long day and a late night. P1280899


Being in Daniel’s studio is always inspiring. P1280900


Daniel’s room has black out curtains, which was awesome because I slept in for the first time in months. In my bedroom at home I wake up at 7 on the dot, even on weekends. I have to really try to get back to sleep. Part of it is my daily routine, the other part is that we get so much morning light. I’m a morning person so I don’t mind, but it felt great to sleep in on a weekend when I already didn’t plan to be getting any work done. It felt like vacation. The one downside of the day was that Mikey’s buds brought his gear up for him the night before since they were driving in at a different time, and he was playing with The Ambulars, who were driving up Sunday, and since Daniel left town, it all meant that we had to carry his gear around all day. It was just a guitar and a case full of pedals but it was deceptively tiring. P1280902


We headed up to the Village to get brunch and go to Stumptown Coffee, where another college friend, Kimmy, works. She gave us really fancy coffee and showed us how to do a proper coffee tasting, which was interesting. P1280907


We caught up and talked about Crossfit and art stuff and rent prices while we drank this fancy cold brew infused with nitrogen. It was probably the best cold brew coffee I’ve ever had. It was really rich but tasted really light. P1280905


After hanging at Stumptown for a while, we went over to Washington Square Park and people watched. It was the most beautiful day! Then we took a long walk over to a really well-curated art book store called Mast Books. P1280910


After that walk and some lunch, all while carrying the gear, we were exhausted and still had the whole afternoon to kill before having to be at the show space at 8pm, so we decided to go see a movie. We ended up being pretty near a cool theatre and saw Only Lovers Left Alive, the Jim Jarmusch movie. It was the perfect style of movie for the type of afternoon we were having. It wasn’t too heavy and was really atmospheric and entertaining but not dumb. P1280914


When the movie was over, we spent way too long on public transit getting rerouted all over the place due to construction, and it ended up taking all the time we had left to kill just to get back to Williamsburg. At least an hour and a half on transit, maybe two hours. P1280917


The show didn’t start until 9:30, but the other bands were cool and we saw Krista, our future roommate who will be moving in at the end of the summer. The night had an eerie twist, when right after we left a pizza shop and got back into a venue, there was a fatal motorcycle accident directly in front of the pizza shop we had been in. A motorcycle slid out and took out a cyclist. We could see the police scene out the window the entire night. They were still sorting out details when we left at 1am. It felt really strange to just go on with the night knowing that was all being sorted out directly outside the building. Jen drove home like a trooper while we slept in the back. I thought I would be taking a nap right now during nanny baby’s nap, but I felt like doing this photoblog post instead. P1280919


One thing I always take away from trips to NYC is how much I love Philly for exactly what it is. After spending a whole weekend talking to people about how hard it is just to get by in New York, I can’t imagine it being worth it. Especially when I can pop up there any time I want and get the benefits of it without the struggle. Philly forever.

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3 Responses to Grass is Greener: 5/25/14 – 6/1/14

  1. zig says:

    I didn’t realize Mikey was playing solo in addition to w/ Spoonboy *or* that you would be at the show too. Was totally going to come out but was feeling super allergy-sick and sluggish. I luv Caracas and (I’m assuming) Sunshine Cinema. But yes, Philly 4 Evrrrrr.

    • ramsey says:

      Yeah! Mikey’s solo project has a name now. It’s called The Goodbye Party. It’s what he’s releasing all his future solo stuff under. Dang! I always forget you’re in NYC for some reason. Every time we go I always think the only people I really know there are people I went to college with.

  2. zig says:

    (and I was just at Mast 2 days ago. best stuff.)

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