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Now that my new website is up and running, I’m happily bringing my camera along to things. It’s fun to remember to pull out my camera and take a few quick photos and I forgot how much I liked doing it. There’s something about a photo with a real camera that an iPhone will never be able to accomplish. But I do need to get back into the swing of it. I keep forgetting I even have my camera on me.

I’ll start with a couple old photos that were left on my camera, and then post photos from the past week.

Here’s Mikey in his studio working on his new record for his solo project, The Goodbye Party. It’s getting put out by Salinas later this summer.


My nanny baby, Eddie, on his second birthday – waiting for the bus to take us to the children’s museum.


He had never been to the Please Touch Museum before so it was a special birthday treat. This was back in April.


Last week, out to dinner at Dock Street, the beginning of really nice outdoor eating weather.


The following morning, last Saturday, after running errands in South Philly, Mikey and I drove down to Frangelli’s to get the donnolis that everyone has been talking about lately, donuts stuffed with cannoli cream. They were as good as they sounded.


I’m generally wary of hype foods because hype…anything, rarely lives up to the hype. But these were worth the trip. In my opinion they improve on both donuts and cannolis.


Rover loves porch weather. Swoon City is a great house for him because he gets to be outside more than any other house he’s ever lived in, with the exception of maybe Frisby House. He probably gets outside as much here as he did there. He’s always in and out of the yards and gets to hang on the porch with us whenever we’re out there.


He’s a people watching dog more than he’s a dog’s dog, so give him a good stoop and he’s content. I used to feel bad that I didn’t get him to dog parks more often, but then I eventually lived right across the street from a dog park and realized he wasn’t that into it anyway. He’s a big marker, so when he goes to the dog park, he meets all the dogs once then spends the rest of his time obsessively marking his territory. He doesn’t run around or play. He just roams the perimeter making sure everyone knows he’s boss. Eh. When he visits other dogs in their homes, he will play with them if they initiate it, but after meeting them he’s content to just lay down. When I got him he was extremely dog aggressive so I think he just never really got used to the idea of dogs as friends. He gets along well with them now but still isn’t super social.


Last Sunday there was a reading at Vice Coffee as a benefit for the Philly Feminist Zine Fest. My roommate Laura, and a bunch of other friends read.


Later that night, Mikey played a show at a house in West Philly.P1280740


On Monday, it was back to the daily grind, except I’m currently only working three days a week until June 5th which is a cool and nice break.


Nannying in the summer is the best. Winter is long and slow and drags on and on, but summer days go by so fast with the kids and you get to be outside all day if you want.


Mr. Luc just turned one and started walking right around the same time. He’s getting to be a pro at it.


So cute!


A house hang last week. Every now and then we try to hang out as a whole house. Six of us live together but are rarely all in the same place at once. Getting together just to have fun is good for house moral, I think, especially since we’re all friends outside of the house but inside of the house sometimes we just talk about house logistics/business. Two of our current roommates will be moving out at the end of summer and it’s going to be really different without them!


Playing Heads Up after walking to get snacks.


Rover hung out too.




This week I had Thursday-Monday off which was so sick! I’m planning to take most of the summer off and it was a great reminder how much art stuff I can get done, while still having tons of time to relax and have fun, unlike my normal life where I spend all day at work, try to squeeze in art stuff, and have no time for things like reading or sitting lazily at the park. So I’m really looking forward to a summer like that. In an ideal world…


On Friday Liz came to town and we met up at Grindcore to hang and work for a bit. After lunch at the Pope we hung out at the park. It was a beautiful day, perfect for lazy summer hangs.


Later that night, we drove to the Delsea Drive-In to see Godzilla. I had never been to a drive-in before but have always wanted to. It was just as cool as I had hoped.


The weather was also perfect Godzilla viewing weather, on the verge of storming but still nice enough to be outside.


Having a pickup truck is nice for drive-in’s!


On Saturday I mostly just hung out at home, planted some things in the garden, spent a long time making a raspberry rhubarb cheesecake from scratch, and worked on some art stuff. By night time I was feeling pretty restless from being in the house all day, and Mikey had been inside all day for band practice and music stuff, so we took Rover on a long walk to Clark Park and got ice coffee too late at night.


Jen met up with us for a while too, since she was nearby at her boyfriend’s house. Warm weather is really working for me these days.

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  1. lacy davis says:

    So psyched to see this back in action. Your site looks great!

  2. Holly says:

    Happy to see you blogging again! I’m such a fan of your zines & books and love seeing sneak peaks of daily life on your blog.

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