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So, you may have noticed a huge absence from my photoblogging. As you can probably guess, I was waiting on the completion of my new website and didn’t want to be taking photos in the meantime. I feel a lot of anxiety when I have things piling up in the background, and even if it was just photos for a photoblog, I knew I would feel a certain amount of ‘getting behind’ if I had kept taking photos in the meantime. So rather than play several months of catch-up right now, I’m just going to make one post of old photos, the last photos I had taken, and then start fresh from where we are now. It feels weird that I have a 6-month gap in photos in my 6 years of photoblogging, but so it goes! It’s just a photoblog.

So this post feels a little funny to make because we’re on the verge of summer, and the last photos I took were over winter break, when Mikey and I took a trip to Michigan to visit my family. So here’s a fresh batch of super wintery photos as we enjoy this beautiful weather.

Rover, before loading up into the car.

A long drive ahead… Mikey, Rover and I headed toward Michigan with our friend Jon riding along, to be dropped in Cleveland.


After spending the night at Jon’s parents house in Cleveland, we finished our trip the next day and got to Paw Paw at night. We dropped off our stuff at my mom’s house, then headed over to my dad’s to say hi. That’s my younger brother, R, and my dad.

The next morning, at my mom’s.

We spent a lot of time lounging around, sitting by the fireplace and watching bad tv. It was really relaxing!

Over at my dad’s farm

I grew up on 100 acres of land. I lived there until I as 16 when my parents got divorced. I spend equal time at both houses when I go back.

Rover loves going to Michigan. My mom has a really big fenced in back yard, and then of course there’s the farm.

It was frigid but he loved it.


My dad’s house is a big weird compound. There’s the normal house part, and then there’s an airplane hangar, and on this visit we got to see the new garage that he built on to the hangar. It was really weird to see another huge attached garage on the house.

Later that day my nephews came over to hang out. Here’s my younger brother, R, playing with my older nephew, Thomas.

Cardboard truck ramp


My older sister Rachel (the mother of my nephews) and my mom.

My brother R and my mom.

Christmas morning, with my second oldest sister Rosemary, my nephews Thomas and Asher, and a Skype date with my older brother Abe.


Rover skyping with Abe and his girlfriend, Ivy. Abe lives in Taiwan and has for the past three years.

Christmas brunch.

Before heading over to Dad’s for Christmas pt. 2

The boys, over at dad’s house.


Christmas snacks! That’s Sue, my dad’s wife.

My younger nephew Asher with Mikey.

Opening presents



Out for another run on the farm, down by the lake.

The compound. See that part all the way to the right? That’s the actual house. The rest? Garages.

Down by the lake for a tasty snack

Regal pup

My dad’s new toy that he was eager to show off



Rover was not happy to go for a ride

Over the past two years my dad converted the farm from a vineyard to a chestnut tree farm. As part of the change, he fenced in 60 acres of the farm with a 10ft tall fence. It made it the perfect spot for Rover to run around safely.

Back inside for more presents, this time with Sue’s (my dad’s wife) son and his partner.

Late Christmas night we got to see my best friend Katie for a minute before her and her partner headed down to Florida to visit Katie’s family.

The next morning, we went ice skating with my best friend Merry and her fiancé Tim. Merry and I played on the same travel hockey team all through high school.



Merry and Tim

Merry and I were best buds growing up. She’s getting married later this year and I’m really excited to go to their wedding.

Strangely enough, while we were in Michigan, our friends from Philly were playing in Grand Rapids, so we drove up from Paw Paw to see them play. It was weird to see Philly folks out of context.

My roommate, Sam, in his home turf.

The following night, we went down to St. Joseph where my high school friend, Dan, lives with his wife Leah. They both lived in Chicago while I lived there, but then moved up to Michigan. We went to this little bar for some small town karaoke and it was really fun.

On our last real day of our trip, we took the commuter train down to Chicago for the day to visit the last of my close high school friends, Erin, and to see Daniel, who was also in town visiting family.

The station for the commuter train lets out right by Millennium Park in Chicago, so we went over to the Bean straight away. Mikey had never seen it.

It was swarming with people since it was the weekend after a holiday.

We took the El up to Erin’s house, where she lives with her husband Jason and her son, Eli. Erin made us waffles!

Cute little Eli. Of my closest friends, Erin is the first with a kid. Her and Frances (who lives in Cleveland. I see her less) are both married. Katie and Merry are both getting married later this year. To no surprise, I’m the last of our super close crew of friends to be unmarried.

Jason and the dogs

Big goofballs

Next, we met up with Daniel for dinner, only to discover that our ooooold friend from Baltimore, Mitch, was in town. It was a week of seeing old buddies.

I hadn’t seen Mitch in years. It was funny to catch up. As always, it was great to hang with Daniel.


Sleepy train home to Michigan.

All the way back in Philly, after 12 hours of driving. New Years Eve the next day.

We hopped around a bit and landed at the CatFrat for midnight.

Ms. Jen Twigg


See ya later 2013. It was a good year.

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  1. bye2013 says:

    you played hockey growing up? that’s rad! I’m a female hockey player, too, but we seem pretty rare where I grew up and where I live now (on the coasts, basically. I assume in the midwest it’s much more usual). Can you still skate pretty well? Any beer league in your future?

    more rover pics. always.

    not sure if you know that random people read this photoblog, but I have been for a long time… glad you’re back from hiatus.

    • ramsey says:

      Yeah! I played for 7 years, through middle school and high school. I started out on boys club teams (“coed” but there were only a few girls in the whole league) and then eventually started playing on a girl’s travel team. A lot of people played hockey in Michigan but fewer women than you would think. I hear women’s hockey is really popular in Minnesota and even upstate New York, but I’m not sure why it’s less-so in Michigan. I can definitely still skate well, it usually just takes a minute to get my ice legs back, but haven’t played hockey in years! I’ve always considered playing again but I’d have to buy up the equipment from scratch and it’s so expensive so how little I would probably end up playing. Oh well.

      Thanks for reading! I’ve kept my photoblog for years and years, and it was originally on a livejournal – so I would get a lot of random readers there. I never knew if I still had random readers once I switched it over to my personal website though.

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