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Well, I haven’t updated this in three weeks. For some reason I just didn’t take any photos for a little while.

The end of fall came and went. Fall seemed to last forever this year, which is what I always want. We had 45-60 degree weather all the way up until last week. That’s the way fall should be!


I took this photo from my bedroom window and the very next day all the leaves had dropped to the ground, literally all of them! I like to picture one big gust of wind coming and doing its job.


Some pretty light in our bedroom.


A big trip to the pop shop two weeks ago before we all went to see the new Hunger Games movie, which was really good. I’m not a Hunger Games fanatic. I listened to the first two books on tape while I was drawing and they were really fun and easy to get sucked into, but that was that. The movie was really dark and dystopian without much Hollywood cheer, so I was into it.


That week I joined a gym in West Philly, my first regular gym since starting Crossfit in 2010. I can’t fit cross fit into my schedule right now and am trying pretty hard to save money so I can’t fit it into my budget either. Going to a regular gym is weird! I’m so used to having coaches/trainers/programming to do all the thinking for me. It’s so much easier and fun when you don’t have to guess at what to do. It’s also weird to be back in a fitness environment that has dumb posters like this up all over the place.


I arrived at work one day to find Luc dressed in a little jumpsuit. It was so funny and cute. Here’s Luc with his dad and a very grumpy faced older sister, Catherine.


A few more straggler iPhone photos and then some recent real ones with my camera.


Just before Thanksgiving we got to briefly catch up with Chris and Sheena,


and then Daniel came down on a Sunday and met us for brunch.


Rover with a human foot


Then we went out of town for Thanksgiving. We visited Mikey’s family and I didn’t take any photos at all! I didn’t really think about it at the time but maybe I was self-conscious because I thought they would think it was weird if I was taking candid photos of everything. Mostly everyone I know is used to me having a camera on me but around new folks I get shy about it I guess.
While we were gone, Rover stayed in Philly with a new friend named Jack. Apparently he was a very good house guest.


Back at work after Thanksgiving, I was really looking forward to seeing my baby because a week away from a kid so small can mean that something totally new develops while you’re gone! In this case, Luc cut his first tooth.


Back in real camera world, right after Thanksgiving break, my roommate Laura had her birthday. She’s the youngest of my roommates and just turned 23. Laura rules. She kept talking about going to the dollar store to get different color winter hats that they had for only a dollar, but she had never gone yet. So for her birthday I went and got her one of each color.


I also got a cheesy birthday banner. When in the dollar storeā€¦


She wasn’t going to have a party because it seems like every weekend and free night until the New Year are totally booked with shows, holiday parties, events, etc. So we invited some folks over on her birthday night for a low key bday hang. Grace and Ciera brought her a big ice cream cake from Ben and Jerry’s.




Jen brought over her karaoke machine and we got it going.

It was fun and silly and we were in bed by 11. Of course, I did not sing any karaoke because I’m still shy about some things.



powdered donut


This Friday night, after work, we drove up to New York to play a show at the Silent Barn. It was our second show ever and our first show was a bit of a mess. So I think we were all nervous but excited to move past that first show where everything went wrong. Arm Candy played first. It was their first show and they were really awesome.



There was a really good turnout. It was a benefit for an online punk magazine called The Media. They’re trying to put out a print version. You can see it here: http://fvckthemedia.com


We played next. I obviously didn’t take any photos with my camera, but here are a few I stole from Instagram.
photo 1

photo 2


We played a billion times better than our first show and I think we all felt really relieved. Everyone there who saw both shows said it was like night and day, haha.
photo 3

The following night, Sam playing a solo Radiator Hospital set at Golden Tea House.



Sunday we got our first really big snow.


Surprisingly, my plants grow best in the winter. I keep them on and around my radiator so they blow up over the winter.


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  1. B says:

    You take such beautiful photographs – I love candid photos! Unfortunately neither my better half or I are ever caught not looking awful in candid shots, yawning, sneezing, pulling wierd faces!

    Also pepper on ice cream?!

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