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Swoon City has a room available starting January 1st for $370.

The house is three floors with a usable basement (currently housing a drum set, Guy’s art studio, tools, storage stuff, and a washer and dryer but there’s plenty of space that isn’t being utilized if you needed room for making art or storage), 7 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a big front porch. The room available is the largest one in the house and is on the second floor with bay windows and access out onto the roof. It’s a huge room.



We’re all clean and organized and are looking for someone who is the same. We’re most interested in people who are engaged in their own shit, personal projects, school, bands, community projects, etc. We keep a pretty quiet, but active household. We range in age from 23-30 but are seeking people on the higher end of that range.


Guy is a special needs therapist, artist, and musician. Laura just finished undergrad at Bryn Mawr and works for Girls Rock Philly and as a dog walker. She’s a creative writer. Ramsey is a nanny and comic book artist. Mikey is a musician (plays in the Ambulars and has a solo project) and graphic designer. Tiff is a musician (plays in Batty, EZ Discount) and works at the arboretum. Guy and Laura are a couple. They occupy two rooms on the second floor. Mikey and Ramsey are a couple, they occupy three rooms on the third floor – and Tiff has the fourth room up there. The open room will be on the second floor.

We’re capped out on animals, so we can’t live with any more – and obviously you need to be friendly with animals. We currently have three cats, Pippa, Lucy and Albert. Mostly they stick around the 2nd floor but Albert will be all up in your stuff if you leave your door open. Rover the dog also lives there, and comes with shedding, but is otherwise one of the best roommates you’ll ever have.

We are open to all genders and gender identities, are queer friendly, etc. Currently, there are three women and two men. We’re all cis. We’re currently half vegetarian, two of us don’t drink at all and the others do from time to time. We are cool with all variations of that stuff.  We wouldn’t be down with smoking in the house, though, and generally we don’t keep really late hours so someone on a similar schedule or respectful of our before midnight bedtimes is ideal.

We have a monthly house meeting/dinner and a chore chart, so ideally we are looking for folks who are into loosely organized living and open communication. We’re not hippies, or activists or anything, really. We just think it’s easier to keep our big house functioning well that way. That makes us sound a lot more communal than we are. We do like to see our roommates every now and then so someone who will hang out around the house is preferred, as opposed to someone who will just keep to themselves in their own room.






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  1. Christina Dubicki says:

    Hullo! I stumbled across this, and it fits me pretty much to a T. I currently reside in Portland, OR, but I’m moving back to the east coast on the fourth of January due to a family member taking ill. I’ve been searching for a place in Philadelphia, and I’d love for you to consider me.

    I get along the most with creative types, and I’m heavily into writing; although I admit I’m still an amateur having lots to learn, I think that’s part of the fun of it. I’m not a huge fan of meat, as I was a vegetarian for the first eighteen years of my life, but I do eat it every now and then. I admit that I do smoke, but as respectfully as I’m able to (washing hands after smoking, placing the buts in a closed container outside, emptying said container regularly into the outside garbage can, etc). Outside of the occasional cigarette, I don’t indulge in any other vices aside from a few drinks every here and there.

    I’m a sociable person, but not a party animal. I like to form bonds with the people I share a house with, and I adore the idea of house meetings and chore charts in order to keep the flow of the household continuing on smoothly.

    I also love pets, so I’m sure your cats and pups and I will get along just fine.

    My e-mail, as stated above, is vulgarismuu@gmail.com. If you find that I’d be a good fit, I would be able to move in on the fifth of January with rent money in hand.

    I look forward to your response,

  2. Hello! I’m Ben. I think I would be a great fit! By day I’m a tradesman at BDDW Studio, a small hand-crafted furniture company located in the Port Richmond area. By night I’m either a freelance illustrator (www.fenstermakerillustration.com) or the drummer of a straight edge powerviolence band called Limits. The only problem is my pup, Baizley. He’s a three-year-old Boston Terrier with an awesome personality. I totally understand if that’s a deal breaker. I currently live in a small Fishtown row home with a German Shepard and three other cats.
    The house looks amazing. The location, space, and people all seem really great. Please e-mail me if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing back from you!

    — Ben

  3. Meade says:

    I just wanted to say hoe much- I really enjoy reading your blog! And what a nifty looking row house. It seems as though you have such a swell bunch of healthy young hipsters living there! Philadelphia sure seems like a fantastic place. Its a little too far North for me, but I may visit one day because I would love to see the Liberty Bell, and taste some of that delicious cream cheese! Good luck in finding a new roommate!

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