Mikey’s Birthday Week

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Last week was Mikey’s birthday week. This handsome champ turned 28.


To celebrate Mikey’s birthday, I finally tried a baking project with Eddie. We made a batch of chocolate chip cookies, half of which we packed up for Mikey.


I can’t do baking projects with all nanny kids. It takes a certain personality type for a one and a half year old to be patient and calm enough to pour cups of flour into a bowl without it getting eeeeeverywhere, or to wait while I prepare the next step without sticking their hands in raw eggs. I had a feeling Eddie would be up to the task and he did a great job. It’ll definitely be great to have projects like this on winter days when it’s too cold to get outside.


and he was really excited about the outcome



Mikey was too! He’s not a birthday cake kind of guy, so it was a good substitute while opening presents.


I didn’t have any big ideas for Mikey’s birthday, but I had been collecting little music ideas that added up into a pretty good present. He was able to guess this one right away.


I ended up getting him a hardshell case for his guitar, a tambourine (because in recording projects he had been tapping on rulers and change to make tambourine sounds, haha), good recording headphones, a vintage metal alphabet punch set, and some hooks to hang up his guitars in his studio. Otherwise, for his birthday we just had a low key night, got indian food, watched a movie, and he played guitar and his tambourine. Haha.

and I made him a card which reminded me how long it’s been since I drew a comic. Yeesh.


Afternoon light on a nanny day, later in the week.


Luc started “solid” foods last week which was very exciting for him.


This little french fry is looking much bigger.


I also sat for Charlie one day, which is always fun and different.


I have Friday mornings off in my schedule most weeks which means we have a day to go to brunch spots and not have to wait in long lines to get seated. It’s a nice perk to my current schedule.


This Friday, after I got out of work, I hopped into a van with The Ambulars and Radiator Hospital and we headed to New York for a show they were both playing.


It’s always fun to see the Ambulars when people in the crowd know their songs and are singing along.



Radiator Hospital played next and were awesome, as usual.


Mikey filled in on bass because their regular bass player, Jon, had to work that night.


Jen had to be back in Philly to open at work the next morning, so we drove back from NYC after the show that night. It meant we didn’t get home until 4am. I wish I could say I slept in the next morning, but even on very little sleep I have trouble doing that. I woke up at 9 and went to the post office and the bank, and then came back and hung out in bed for an hour or so longer.


I got really lucky with Rover because unlike some dogs who wake up at 6am and insist on being let out, he will sleep in until 1pm like the best of em. He’s really turned into the easiest guy over the years.


We spent Saturday at home working on projects, mostly I worked on pet portraits,


and Mikey taught me and Laura the song that our band is covering. This is Mikey’s domain. He and I both rent the smallest rooms in our house as personal studios, and then we share a bedroom. It’s really nice to not have to cram all of our project stuff into our bedroom. It would never work. My studio is filled with drawing stuff, mail order stuff, stocks of my books and zines, etc. His is filled with music stuff, records, recording stuff, and design stuff. Our bedroom gets to be sparse and minimal. Way more relaxing.


Meanwhile, Rover kept the guitar case warm.


then Mikey had some friends over to celebrate his birthday. It was a fun low key hang, Mikey style. We got pizza and listened to records.




Rover will almost never lay on top of us because it makes him feel really awkward. He likes a lot of personal space. BUT, since all the room was taken up on the couch, we convinced him to climb on up. It was almost unprecedented.




we look happy don’t we… ??? some serious bags under my eyes from the lack of sleep the night before.


It was a fun night.

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