Pre-Halloweekend: 10/21/13-10/28/13

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On Monday last week, I took Eddie to the Penn Biopond so I could finally check it out. One great perk about being a nanny, is when timing and moods work out, you can spend your days doing some really fun things that you, yourself, are actually interested in. What we do each day is as much dependent on my mood as it is the kids. That kind of flexibility is pretty uncommon for day jobs I think.


The Biopond is a little hidden, wooded garden on Penn’s campus. A few friends had told me about it and I had been meaning to go see what it’s like. It’s a perfect thing to go do with toddlers on a sunny day. Eddie loved exploring, walking along the paths, climbing wooden steps, and poking around in nature.


At home that night


Monday nights we have band practice. It’s pretty fun playing in a band again, and I really love being in a band with all ladies. I guess the only other band I was ever in (in high school) was all ladies too, so it’s all I know, but I imagine the dynamic would be pretty different with men. Maybe not, though.


At the end of band practice that night, Mikey came and made a rough recording one of our songs. We put it on the internet the next day and it was really well-received which was both surprising and really fun. It was even reviewed on wxpn! You can read that and listen to the song here:


Little Luc, on a share day. One of my friends told me she thinks Luc looks like a baby koala. I think that’s pretty spot on.


reading some books


Later in the week, we went out to Manayunk to watch my roommate Laura read a piece of her work at an open mic night.


She’s never read her work in public before and was pretty apprehensive about it, so she looked for a really low pressure situation – an open mic night outside of the city where she definitely wouldn’t know anyone. This event was about as low pressure as it gets.


It was also a halloween event, and only three other people signed up.


So naturally, she killed it.



A pet portrait I finished, later in the week. I’m trying to get two done a week. I have a surprising amount of orders lined up which is really cool, but I also just took on a considerable work load with this project! I’m hoping that it could potentially be sustaining enough that maybe my next nanny gig could be only part-time.


Friday afternoon with Eddie at the park. Here’s a guilty admission. I love putting together little kid outfits. The down to earth, punk side of me thinks, of course, who cares what a little kid wears? They’re just going to get dirty and they don’t care what they look like. But the part of me that spends long hours with little kids needs a little entertainment, and that’s where making my little kids look fly comes in.


Eddie loves drawing in the dirt with sticks.


A snack at Clark Park




Friday night was the West Philly Halloween Dumpster Derby, a tradition that’s years and years strong. Everyone shows up on a specific street corner, people come with derby cars made from trash and race down the hill in costume.


The neighbors have come to expect it. No one complains. It’s just a weird little tradition. No permits necessary. Sometimes the cops come after 15 minutes or so to clear the street, but by then it’s done anyway.


A derby car disaster. It collapsed before it even moved five feet.



It’s not incredibly exciting or anything, but it’s cool that something like this can exist in a big city without any problems. I think that’s a unique quality of West Philly.



Afterwards we had some folks over to hang out and carve pumpkins.







On Saturday morning, Mikey and I got brunch and then headed over to the Girls Rock Philly Mixtape release and Halloween party. Girls Rock Philly is the girls empowerment music camp I was a counselor at this summer. As a fundraiser and a fun event for the kids, they release all of the songs they wrote and recorded onto a mix that can be downloaded. For the event, some of the counselors formed a band and covered the kids’ songs.


My roommate Laura works for Girls Rock Philly. Here she is making an announcement at the event.


A mask making station.


Some of the girls, in costume


Prizes for the costume contest



The masks Mikey and I made


I look pretty cute as a pig!


from the photobooth at The Barbary


Back home… Albert loves sitting in our window because a bird has built a nest in the gutter just outside of our window. He sits there all morning stalking the bird.



Morning weekend light in my bedroom is my favorite thing about not having to go to work


Mikey working on a song in the dark in his studio


Working on a pet portrait in my studio


A punk show Saturday night at Christian’s house. It’s always funny going to their house because it’s right across the street from ours, and it’s exactly the same house but a mirror image version. It’s weirdly disorienting to be there. We caught Low Charge and Meghan Minior’s new band, Longings.


After those two sets, we headed over to the rink to watch Drexel play West Chester in hockey.


It’s free and in West Philly, and it’s a surprisingly fun thing to do on a weekend night. A nice change of pace.


Sunday morning, all we did was flyer for First Time’s The Charm and DIY PHL.


We spent the rest of the night at home watching Lost, having a house meeting, and working on our halloween costumes.

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  1. Anne says:

    great costumes! Hope you’ve got some white socks and plain black shoes to match!

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