Fun Fall Weekend – 10/14/13 – 10/20/13

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Last Monday, I sat for my normal nanny babe, Eddie, but I also watched his older brother Charlie, since he had the day off from school.


We found some tapes that were being given away for free on the sidewalk and Charlie was fascinated. He had never seen a tape before!




While Eddie napped, Charlie and I made a lot of fancy paper airplanes from an airplane book. I used to love making them as a kid so I couldn’t argue. It was just as much fun as an adult. Watching older kids is totally different from watching babies and toddlers. Strangely enough, I had never really done it before.


At home… Rover’s hoodie came in the mail. I had a 40% off coupon code to a pet store and didn’t really need anything, but when I looked at the store, hoodies were already 20% off so it cost almost nothing. And Rover looks so good in it. Haha. But really, he’s been curling up into a tighter and tighter ball these days as it gets colder, and at night when he wants on the bed, he’ll bark once to ask permission and we’ll pat on the bed to allow him up. In the winter, it gets more annoying when he’s cold because he burrows under the blankets, gets hot, jumps off the bed, gets cold, barks to come back on, and repeats the process all night, waking us up with his bark each time. Maybe the hoodie will be enough to keep him sleeping on his own bed, as silly as it is.


An impulse pizza night


Band practice in the beginning of the week. My band, Heavy Bangs, is playing our first show Nov. 9th at PhilaMOCA as part of a show for all brand new bands. Come see us! I haven’t been in a band since I was 18.


The show is called First Time’s The Charm.


Another nanny day later in the week



Finishing a pet portrait, mid-week. I started doing pet portraits on the regular to try to save money quicker to put toward buying a house. I literally googled “how to save for your first downpayment” and one of the suggestions was to pick up extra freelance work and put everything you earn from that straight into savings. So I kicked into gear and made some pet portrait flyers. Here’s one of my first commissions from that venture.


and of course, here’s that info!


On Saturday, a group of us stopped for coffee and then went to a big flea market called the Golden Nugget.



Jen and some sci-fi paperbacks. Right up her alley.


Mikey’s too, in terms of design aesthetic.


The flea market was huge. It took a long time to walk through and see everything. I think almost everyone came out with one or two things. I got a really pretty vintage lamp.


After the flea market, we headed to the next town over to go to an orchard for apple picking.


We got right to the most important part first, though.



At this orchard, you ride out to the rows in a wagon pulled by a tractor.




It was the perfect day for apple picking, kind of overcast but also sunny, chilly but not too cold, and everything was glowy.















Jamie is up on the ladder. She just moved to Philly this week! I’m stoked to have her around. Every fall we get a fresh crop of transplants and I think it’s what keeps Philly exciting to live in.





A solid crew


After coming back from apple picking, Mikey and Jen’s band, The Ambulars, hopped in a van to play a show in Baltimore. I tagged along. The show didn’t start until 10pm so we left Philly around 5 so we could meet some friends for dinner in Baltimore beforehand. I didn’t take many photos, for some reason, but here’s one of the The Max Levine Ensemble playing that night at Golden West.


The show didn’t end until 1am, which put us on the road home around 2am. Between the flea market, apple picking, the drive and the show, it was a loooooong day – but a really fun one.


On Sunday, we were able to chill out a bit. We slept in until 1pm, which is really unheard of us for us. I’m a total morning person but we didn’t get to bed until 4am so I indulged. Mikey worked on his song for the day, and I cleaned my studio. Mikey is doing a song-a-day project for the whole month of October. You can hear things he’s been working on at He’s been using it to work on writing lyrics quicker, but also to experiment with different musical ideas he’s been thinking about. So they’re not all finished songs, and they’re all over the place, but it’s fun to follow along with. Some of them are really beautiful too! Here’s Mikey in his studio.


After working for a bit, we went over to one of my nanny family’s house. This weekend was Philly Open Studios weekend where you can hop around and visit different artist’s studios. Eddie’s mom is an illustrator and mixed media artist so she had an open studio in their home. It was nice to see all of her work and hear her talk about it a little.


Here Charlie is explaining some of his mom’s prints to a friend.


After the open studio visit, we went to Clark Park with Rover to enjoy the weather a little before settling in for a night of work on our own projects.


I rearranged my studio a bit and settled in my new lamp, filled out some mail orders, and spent the rest of the night baking apple pie. It was a really good fall weekend.

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    Gathering photos for a portrait. I will email you in the next few weeks.

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