Zine Fest Fall: 9/30/13 – 10/13/13

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I haven’t taken many photos recently, so this photoblog will be short but will cover the last two weeks.

Two weeks ago, on Monday, I was invited to go down to MICA and talk to a creative writing seminar that’s focusing on graphic novels. I hadn’t been back to MICA in a few years so it was really weird being on campus and seeing how much has changed, and at the same time, how little has.


It was cool because it was pretty easy and fun and I got paid a lot more than I would have had I stayed and done my normal nanny day. It also forced me to prepare an artist talk, of sorts, which is great because I have two more talks in the works at different universities and now the work for those is mostly done. My best bud Daniel just started adjunct teaching at MICA so he was also down there that day and we were able to go out to lunch and catch up.


And then I left Daniel to go teach his class, because this is what a college teacher looks like.


During my normal nanny week, I was asked to stay late one day and got to hang out with my nanny baby’s older sister, Catherine. She’s suuuuper cute and kind hearted.


Our once weekly attempt at making restaurant quality shahi paneer, my favorite food right now.


The following weekend, last weekend, Cynthia and I drove down to Richmond Friday night for the Richmond Zine Fest. We stayed with her friends Tim and Steph and they were really great hosts.


I had never been down to the Richmond Zine Fest before but it’s one that’s pretty long-running so I’ve always been curious about it. It was really cool! Definitely worth driving down for.


Cynthia, my tablin mate. Cynthia and I also play in a band together but we haven’t done much hanging out outside of groups. It was fun to have some real talk with her and find out more where she’s coming from. She’s a really good writer! You should check out her work here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/HabitsofBeing


Our friend Amy June moved to Richmond and works at the coffeeshop that was providing the food for the zine fest. It was great to see her and catch up.


A photo Mikey sent me of Rover while I was away in Richmond.


We drove back to Philly that Saturday night so that we could have Sunday at home and wouldn’t feel like we missed a weekend. It was a great choice! Sometimes I hate traveling through a weekend because I miss my chance to be lazy or get my errands done or do my laundry. Sunday night Mikey’s band played a show with Boom Boom Kid, a band from Argentina.


They were really fun and energetic in a way I haven’t seen for a long while. It was a nice change of pace and if you looked around the crowd, everyone was smiling.


Back at home… Mikey adding more salt to a bite of salted caramel gelato.



A meeting after band practice Wednesday night to schedule all of our upcoming practices


Cooler weather means my nanny kids get cuter.


I mean, really.


But it also means we get trapped inside for really long days


and end up exhausting all options for fun inside the house. People often underestimate how draining being with babies/toddlers can be. These days are prime examples. Fortunately my new guys are pretty pleasant, even when they’re tiring.


Thursday night zine making date with Cynthia and Mikey, preparing for the Philly Zine Fest.


A dreary Friday afternoon with Eddie. We had a string of really gloomy days last week.


I came home from work to find a gloomy Mikey and Rover.


Philly Zine Fest on Saturday morning.


I don’t know if it’s because we had just been to Richmond Zine Fest which was pretty big and bustling, but I wasn’t feeling Philly Zine Fest so much this year.


It was just kind of slow and it was really hot in the rotunda.


On Sunday, Mikey and I got a bunch of work done and then went to a reading at the Wooden Shoe for the release of Sarah Rose’s book, Everybody Else’s Girl. Sarah’s book is a really captivating read about the first half of her life. I definitely recommend checking it out!



We all went to Hot Diggity’s afterward and it was delish.

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