The Great Indoors – 9/16 – 9/22

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Last week was my first week with both babies for my nanny share. This is Luc, my 4 month old. He’s a very sweet little guy.


Eddie is really great with Luc! He loves to play with the baby toys when Luc is playing with them, and is very gentle and offers Luc toys all the time. He is very nurturing and sweet.


Tuesday night at home, we made paneer korma and watched the Henry Darger documentary.


Thursday night we went out to Franklin Fountain with Laura and Guy. Mikey and I had had plans to go to Vedge, but Mikey was feeling sick so we opted not to waste our gift certificate to a fancy restaurant and wait until he could really enjoy it. But then Laura came in and asked if we wanted to go to Franklin Fountain and it made up for it!



As you can see… it was delicious.


I have Friday mornings off so I generally use them to run all the errands I can! This Friday morning, I returned some things at a store, went to the post office and picked up a present for my friend Grace’s birthday.


Friday night we arrived at Grace and Barrett’s birthday party and it was already packed!


Grace and Omar, a neighborhood personality.


I got Grace Cronuts filled with cannoli filling for her birthday. They’re so good!


Mikey photobomb






Two of the cronuts made it on top of the birthday cake.


Zia and Anne (?) were accidental twins.


Cutting the cake like a married couple.


Mikey and Jen


Jeff Bolt doin his thing




Rave dancing with some balloons



Omar was there throughout the night in true Omar form.


We stayed until 2:30am, a rare late night out for me. In the morning, we went to the Mitten for brunch before band practice.


Scabby giving me lots of attention. He’s a total lap sitter.


We hadn’t had band practice in three weeks so I was a little nervous that it would be a disaster, but we actually didn’t sound too bad. We have two songs mostly down and worked on a Ramones cover and actually started to get it.



I spent a lot of the weekend doing domestic stuff. I wanted to get rid of the dresser in my room because it was too big and the door had broken off. So on Saturday night I bought wood and added in built-in shelves to my closet that has always been too narrow to use with hangers. Now that there’s shelving I can actually use it and was able to get rid of my dresser. So we spent a lot of Saturday getting rid of and sorting through clothes, rearranging out room, etc. On Sunday morning we kept that going and did a bunch of laundry, mopped the house, even cleaned some windows! It was a good weekend for Fall cleaning.


We made this cozy reading/records corner where the dresser used to be, and fixed and hung up this little broken wooden sailboat that Max had given me over a year ago. I spent the rest of the night watching Sex and the City while Mikey’s band played a show at the Barbary. Super chill Sunday.

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