DC Zine Fests – Photos from: 7/15 – 7/22

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Well, I don’t know how, but I feel busier than ever and I’m not even working a day job right now. With my free time I’ve been really project focused! I’ve been plowing through a big project to-do list that I had set for myself and I’m pretty happy with how much I’ve accomplished considering I don’t have a set routine or schedule. But, my self-imposed deadlines never seem to include a photoblog post, so this is several weeks behind.

Picking up where my last photoblog post left off….

The day after our beach day, Mikey played a show in DC, so he and I drove down just for the night. He’s been perfecting a noisier lo-fi plugged in set and I think he’s really found his stride as a solo musician. I love what he’s been up to with his stuff, and I think audiences are responding way better to it than the acoustic guy with a guitar thing he had started out with.

That week was the last really hot week of the summer heat wave. Thank god.

I spent it preparing for the DC Zine Fest. My friend Amanda, a fellow nanny, and I put together a comp zine about nanny life. We got a lot of submissions really fast which was pretty cool. We’d talked about making a nanny zine for a long time, so I proposed that we just do it for DC Zine Fest, even though it was coming up fast, so that we would actually have a hard deadline for it. That only gave us two weeks to get submissions and another week to put it all together.

But with a few zine dominated days, it worked and we got our first issue done.

Amanda has a letterpress studio so we were able to do letterpressed covers.

The only other thing I did that week outside of working on the zine was a show at the Golden Tea House where I finally got to see my roommate Josh’s band, Pocket.


I also had a spur of the moment visit from two of my best buds, Daniel and Joe. I’ve known these guys for ten years now. We all met our freshman year of college. It’s always really nice to be around them. They swung through on a drive home from a photoshoot and we grabbed dinner and caught up.

At home, Mikey has been working hard all month recording a demo in his studio. I’m always impressed by what he has going on in his head. I hear acoustic versions of his songs, and then he comes out of his studio and he’s layered all this stuff on a four track and it’s a totally different thing. I’m really glad he has a space to set up and do all of this stuff whenever he wants now.

When Friday came around, it was time to head down to DC for the DC Zine Fest. I carpooled with Cynthia and Poliana, two people I haven’t spent a whole lot of one on one time but really enjoy when I get to.

DC Zine Fest was fun, but sweaty!

A lot of good buddies were there from all over the place.


There were also a lot of really good vegan treats, baked by our friend and host, Shannon (of Leaves and Flours).

A big group punk trip to DC wouldn’t be the same without a meal at Everlasting Life. I’m glad I only consume that food once or twice a year…. but it tastes so good.


Chicago buddies, Leslie and Heather

Chicago zine crew

After dinner, we went back to Mikey’s old house, Delafield (he only moved to Philly a year ago), and took naps and read zines. Zine Fests are strangely exhausting. You spend six hours in a room making small talk with strangers the entire time. Fun, but exhausting. After a few hour break, we all met back up and went out for a night tour of the DC monuments, which is by far the coolest thing to do in DC. Apparently the Washington Monument is under construction?

After the Washington Monument, we walked over to the World War II Memorial which has a different pillar for each of the United States. It’s a tradition (at least within my DC friend group) to walk around and touch each state that you’ve lived in. We were really excited that Jen would be able to pose in the Pennsylvania photo because she was one week away from moving to Philly.

Jen and I have actually lived in almost all the same states! Here we are trying to make O’s for the Orioles.

Chicago buds.

and last but not least….



Next stop, Lincoln Memorial. I always head there expecting this to be cheesy, but it’s really pretty impressive when you’re standing beneath it.

The size and way it glows has a lot of reverence.


Our last stop was the lounging Einstein statue.


We drove home the next day with storms and a lot of road snacks.

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  1. Kim says:

    The Washington Monument was damaged by an earthquake several years ago and is closed for repairs. The Lincoln Memorial was splattered with green paint the week after the zine fest, so you’re lucky you got to see it when you did.

    Also – props to the person wearing the Depeche Mode t-shirt!

  2. Melissa says:

    I just requested a copy of Little Fish from my library! It’s still “on order” but I’m so freaking psyched to read it!
    Did you see this review? http://www.teenlibrariantoolbox.com/2013/08/little-fish-different-kind-of-memoir.html

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