Windows: 6/17/13 – 6/23/13

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Last week, we had the pleasure of Jen Twigg’s company for a few days. She stayed over from Tuesday to Friday morning and it was a great preview of what it will be like when she moves to Philly in August. Can’t wait!


It was rainy out (surprise, surprise) so we had some chill hangs, got take out, watched Pretty Little Liars and she wrote postcards while I worked on putting together a bunch of windows to hang from our front porch.


Much to my surprise, they went up exactly as I had planned and looked great!




That week was also my last full week of work. I would have one and a half partial weeks after it before ending my job (tomorrow!). It was a long and rainy week, which is always tough for a nanny. Will took it in stride, though.


We were all feelin the effects of the weather.


Asa’s family dog, Sadie.


The chair Asa’s family gave me since they got a new one. Fits in perfectly in our bedroom.


That Thursday night, I babysat my new nanny baby for the first time. His name is Logan and I’ll be starting with him in August. He was 10 weeks old when I sat for him and he’ll be four months when I start full-time with him. Watching just one baby will be such a change of pace!


I took hardly any photos on my real camera that week. Here’s one, a Friday morning brunch with Jen and Mikey before they headed out of town. I forgot I had this day off for a doctor’s appointment, so it wasn’t even my last full week after all, that was the week prior.



Rover keeping watch from the porch, one of his favorite past-times.


I had no plans that weekend (two weekends ago) and Mikey was out of town to play a show in Virginia, so I just chilllllllled out. It was great!


I also went to the mall with Grace and Laura and we had an indulgent day of shopping, and watched the Bling Ring. It was really fun!


I spent time planning a new comic, watching Project Runway, and finished decorating my studio finally.




That Sunday we had a work day at Chapterhouse.


It was really fun (and productive! I planned a 7 page comic), and we somehow ended up starting a band. Productive, indeed.

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  1. Melissa says:

    Is your friend wearing a Babysitters Club t-shirt?! I want one!
    Also, your studio looks awesome.

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