Time To Myself: 6/05/2013 – 6/16/2013

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With Ladyfest and all my spring zine/comic fests behind me, it finally feels like summer where I have weekends to chill out, work on projects that don’t have deadlines, and generally relax a little. It feels good! After drawing two books in two years, I vowed not to take on any big comics projects in 2013 so I have time to do some short comics, zines and other projects I’m interested in (like fixing up my house, which I’ve been working on in force).


My truck has been a huge help for that! Two weeks ago, I found a picnic table on craigslist for cheap and Mikey, Rover and I loaded up in my truck to go get it. It was the perfect addition to our front porch. We had been looking for a big table all last fall but came up short, and wouldn’t have had a way to transport one anyway.



A few photos from the week pre-Ladyfest.


Having dinner with Mike before the weekend


We’ve been going steady through a 30-day nutrition challenge at our gym where we challenged ourselves to cook most of our meals (with the exception of once or twice a week) at home, eat gluten free, mostly sugar free, and processed food/bad oils free. We’re coming into our very last week of the challenge and it feels great! Here’s a photo I stole from Jordan’s instagram of me and Mikey at our gym doing a tough workout called Fran.




From my nearly finished studio, after finding a big cheap plant to prop on top of my filing cabinet.


The week following Ladyfest was super rainy.




I spent a lot of that week working on house stuff. Since my studio was mostly done, I moved on to the backyard. In January I made a big list of things I’d like to do around the house to make it feel really homey so that I’ll want to stay put. I’m a big homebody so having a home that feels like a home is really important to me in terms of my mental health and productivity. I’ve been slowly working through that list.


House dinner/meeting on the porch


Progress on the yard meant mowing the grass, trimming the weeds, setting up the fire pit, mulching the garden, and hanging the hammock. It’s a vast improvement over what we started with!


This is what it looked like in April!!



Stripe City


That Friday at the gym we flipped heavy tires. Mikey flipped a 400 pound tired 10 times in three minutes. He tore up his arms doing so. He didn’t realize it until he lifted up his sleeves and realized his shoulders were all burned. Yowsers! Tough guy.


The Friday night after Ladyfest, Mike had a solo art show that he’s been working on for months.


It was great to see the culmination of all his hard work. Mike does a mix of illustration, mixed media, and lightbox installations. They’re really unique and well made.




It’s always great to see the things my friends are working hard on. I’m continually inspired by the people around me.


Saturday morning of my first really free, no plan weekend. So nice!



Mikey had band practice so I continued to work on the yard.


Rover helped too


Saturday night, we broke in the yard with a little fire.



It feels great for that to finally be a really useable space.



Sunday morning, Mikey had to head off to Florida with his family for a few days and I headed off to NJ to get a big new tattoo.



I was in this little beach town in NJ called Bradley Beach getting a Crossfit inspired tattoo, and right when I finished, I drove around the corner and saw this big hand painted Crossfit sign pointing to the town’s Crossfit gym. When I started Crossfit three years ago it was still a weird fringe style of working out and now it’s seriously everywhere – even in tiny beach towns in NJ! It rules because Crossfit is the most effective workout program I’ve ever found.


Uhh, thigh tattooes bleed a lot for me. This was on the drive home. I had to put napkins down on the carseat before I sat down so I wouldn’t bleed all over. So gross!


Ta-da! This was done by Robert Ryan at Electric Tattoo in NJ. I highly recommend checking out his stuff and getting work done by him.

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