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Two weekends ago, we had another all-ladies event. On a friday night, we all went bowling at Pep Bowl. This is the third Philly lady punk event we’ve had since February, which is pretty cool.

These events are honestly a little awkward since we aren’t all close friends and many of us hang out with different social groups, but I think we all think it’s important so we do it anyway. Hopefully by continuing to do them, we will get to know each other a little more, which I guess is the whole point.

Right after Gen got the second strike in a row for her lane.


I spent some of that week organizing my studio, painting it, and building myself a new desk.


In the process I collected all my original pages of comics into a huge stack. That whole box is full too. These are probably all the comics I’ve drawn to my name, and I’ve drawn them all within the past three years.


Sorry for the string of IPhone photos. I didn’t use my camera much that week because it was lost in the disarray of my torn apart studio. But one night we hung out on the rooftop of the Mitten. A good indicator that summer is here.


My favorite animal boys, Rover and Albert


The morning after ladies bowling, Kyle and Liz drove down from Boston for Monica’s going away party, but also to sell me Kyle’s pick up truck! We met at the tag/title place and did our official business first thing.


Then we headed home for a nap and for Kyle to give me a lesson in driving stick shift, since I had no clue how.


I picked it up okay but it was definitely nerve wrecking for the first week!


After everyone was well rested, Mikey and I went out to dinner with Liz and Kyle at Nam Phoung in South Philly on the way to Monica’s going away party.


Monica moved to California the following week. She was one of the first people I met in Philly but over time I ended up making more West Philly friends and didn’t hang out in South Philly much. I’m stoked for her to start a new adventure.


For some reason this penis shaped cup with a straw was hanging out in the kitchen….



That’s Monica, and I’m not sure why Sara is making that face…


The next morning, we went over to the Mitten where they were hosting a vegan diner in their living room to raise money for the community garden attached to their house, the Pocket Farm.


They served up a huge breakfast for sliding scale donations.



Mike and Ciera were two of the hosts of the event.


Ian was in town visiting too.


Our CSA started the following week, which was exciting. To me, that really marks the start of summer.


Sugar snap peas growing tall on our front porch.


Rover on the back stoop.


The Friday of that week a cat ran out while I was riding my bike pretty fast and hit the side of my wheel. It just bounced off and kept running, but I took a dive trying to avoid it and scraped up my hands and elbow. Yeesh.


Last weekend, Grace, Mikey and I headed off to Richmond, VA. Grace and I had tattoo appointments scheduled and we were all stoked to just go hang out and have a mini vacation.


We got in late at night on Friday night and crashed at Mikey’s friend Lee’s house. He was very accommodating, and even slept over at his girlfriends house so we could use his bed.


Our whole Saturday was clear to just chill out, something neither Grace, Mikey or I do enough of when we’re in Philly – not even on weekends. We are kings and queens of too much on our plate, whether it be actual work or projects we’ve dedicated our time to. It was nice to be away and not actually be able to work on any of those things. We started out by going to Lamplighter, which we heard was the best coffee in Richmond.


They also had some of the best vegetarian breakfast sandwiches I’ve eaten in my life. They were so good we went there three different times.


Lee and his friends met us there and we spent a long time just hanging out.


We headed to another part of town to go to a good bookstore. Grace was obsessed with this bright blue truck that was parked on the street. Little did we know, we would be riding in it later that night.


We stopped by Lee’s friend’s vintage store and hung out some more. Many people they knew walked by and also stopped to chat. Richmond definitely seemed like a hang out city. People would just sit and talk for so long. Not something we’re used to. I hate to admit that I have trouble being idle, but Richmond weekend made me realize just how anxious I feel when I’m not keeping myself busy with things. I need to slow my roll.


We stopped over for some donuts just because we were charmed by this sign. This was the last weekend before Mikey and I started a nutrition challenge at my gym, so we decided to just go hard while we could.


We drove over to a Cuban restaurant to meet up with Trey and his girlfriend who’s name I can’t remember now, and hung out while eating some more. After that, we all drove a ways to eat Gelato and…..hang out some more. Ha! Then we hopped in the back of this guy Adrian’s truck, the bright blue truck, and they took us to Belle Isle!





Apparently Belle Isle was a prisoner of war camp during the Civil War, and then was later used for some industrial stuff like milling and hydroelectric plants. Now it’s a city park.



There were a lot of big abandoned structures that were used at one point but are just creepy and overgrown now.



Simon and Lee





It was really beautiful out and Belle Isle was the best way to spend a weekend off.




Walking back at dusk


We took the truck home and got some falafel. It was scarier to ride in the back at night. We fell asleep at Lee’s watching Arrested Development.


Sunday’s weather was even more beautiful, a little warmer and sunnier. We started out the day with more Lamplighter, then Mikey, Grace and I headed over to the Virginia Museum of Fine Art. We finished our coffee in the park outside first.


and took silly photos







Inside the Art Nouveau room


Secret horse girl


After the museum, we headed over to the Hollywood Cemetery, which was huge and supposed to be pretty cool to walk around in.


The memorial for fallen confederate soldiers!


It was Memorial Day Weekend so there were a lot of freshly planted confederate flags. Yikes.


In the late afternoon, we hopped over to Hold It Down, the tattoo shop we both had appointments at.


Grace got a piece done on her thigh by Josh Stephens.


Then she impulsively decided to go hard and get another one on her other leg! Damn, girl.


I just got a little one from Mike Adams on my arm.


I didn’t take any more photos for the rest of the night for some reason, but we went to Strange Matter to see Total Control and UV Race. I also got to see our buddy Will Jarrot, for a minute. He just moved down there from Chicago. On Monday morning, we had left around 11am to drive home (had to beat Memorial Day traffic), but we stopped at Lamplighter for one last breakfast.

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