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Here I am again, behind on posting. I’ve decided that I schedule myself too rigidly and something like a photoblog shouldn’t stress me out. It isn’t as fun as it once was and it’s probably partially because I was too focused on getting it online at the right time every week. So I’m just going to post when I’m able and it’ll be as often as I can.

Here’s a post from three weekends ago at Toronto Comic Arts Fest (TCAF) in Toronto, Ontario.
I took an overnight bus on a Thursday night thinking I would be able to sleep the whole way. Turns out, I can’t sleep on the Megabus very well.


I got through customs without a problem and we arrived in Toronto at around 10am.


Amy Leigh, my host and friend who I was making an excuse to visit, was working her last nanny shift of the week, so we hung out with her little baby and I finished 4th round of book edits. We walked over to the Lake (Ontario?) with her babe and I got a little view of the city.



Most of the whole time, it was pouring. Afterward we stopped for coffee to duck out of the rain and get a plastic bag for my suitcase, which was filled with books that I didn’t want to get wet.


Eventually, Liz arrived so we took the streetcar home to meet up with her.


Our first stop was this weird place called Honest Eds filled with cheap items. I guess it was like an enormous dollar store. It was pretty overwhelming! The whole time I couldn’t help but think of the factory collapse in Bangladesh just a few days earlier. I’ve already been buying a lot more high quality clothing every now and then (or used clothing instead), rather than cheap clothing often, but I’ve made a promise to myself to be more consistent about it from here on out.






After walking around Toronto during a break in the weather, we went to dinner at a place called Sneaky Dee’s. I got nachos that were twice the size of my head.



Then we headed back home in the rain.


We spotted a photobooth in the subway so we stopped for a photo. I just realized I forgot to scan it.


We woke up bright and early to get ready for TCAF. First thing first, we needed to make sure we had ample change in Canadian currency. Canadian money is so weird! They’re redoing their currency right now and phasing in new bills that are plastic and have transparencies and the $100 bill has a scratch and sniff maple leaf that smells like maple syrup. ?!?!?


TCAF was pretty unreal. It was swarmed with people the entire two days and it had a much more indie vibe than other comic fests I’ve seen. It felt like the perfect blend of a zine fest and a comic convention. I’ll definitely try to table it every year from now on.


Our tables


These folks came to our table at SPX last year and gave us weird candy. They found us at TCAF and gave us more weird candy! I guess it’s a thing they do, which is pretty fun. So I took their photo. This year I got a cola flavored taffy that even had a kind of fizz to it.


Day 1 ended at 5pm and we packed up to head home.


We met up with Amy Leigh for papusas near her house. They were delish.


The weather finally gave us a break too. It was hard to really get a feel for Toronto because we were inside at the fest half the time, and when we weren’t, the weather was mostly really rainy and cold so we didn’t get to do too much. But Amy Leigh lives near a huge park with nearby tacos and coffee, so I imagine it’s a pretty great set up in the summer.


She also lives right by a place called Baker Bots where you can get custom made ice cream sandwiches! You can pick two ice cream flavors and your type of cookie.



They were so good. I can’t remember what flavors I got. I know my cookie was an everything cookie.


An australian gent that Amy was friends with, I think his name was Max.


Eating ice cream outside despite the cold.



We spent the night in eating snacks and watching Empire Records. We were all pretty exhausted from the day. Zine Fest trips are weirdly tiring. You often have to wake up early to set up your table, then talk to strangers for 6 straight hours, then experience the city a bit by walking around a lot, and by 10 you’re happy to be in bed. Setting up for Sunday


We were seated next to some folks from Malaysia. One of them drew this in their sketchbook! They were really nice. It was their first international fest and it was interesting to hear them talk about the differences between comics here vs. Malaysia – the biggest difference being that they don’t post their comics online or have websites because they’re often censored by the government!


At the end of the tabling day on Sunday, with a visit from Amy Leigh and Shannon, a friend who is just about to move to Toronto from Philly.


I didn’t have much time before I had to catch the overnight Megabus back to Philly, so we went straight to dinner.


Za’atar with cheese. So good. I’m all about za’atar lately.


After dinner I caught my bus and headed home. It was hailing in Toronto when I left.

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2 Responses to TCAF

  1. jen says:

    so much amy leigh goodness in this post!

  2. amy leigh says:

    “i only take photos of amy leigh when she has her mouth gaping wide!”

    ps: miss u. come baaaack! it stopped hailing.

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