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This past week flew by. On my downtime I was working on drawings for a fundraising campaign I’ve been participating in for the National Abortion Access Bowl-A-Thon, in which we’re raising money for the Philadelphia Women’s Medical Fund (http://everydaypants.tumblr.com/post/45426017473/ive-mentioned-before-that-im-participating-in-a).
I also did some things around my house, working on planting things in the garden, and hung out with Mikey a little bit.

You might be surprised to know that Mikey and I don’t hang all THAT often. Many of my photos are of him because I mostly take photos when I socialize on weekends and that’s when I see him. But we don’t see each other often during the week because of our busy schedules. Him moving in to my house will be great for that reason. I popped over to his house on Thursday after work to find him working on music stuff.


Then we walked over to the Bottom-Feeder, which is a punk house that cooks a big vegetarian meal every other thursday and serves it from their porch for sliding scale donations. You just walk in, fill up a to-go container with as much as you want, and leave money in the bucket. The food is always really good. They also set up shop at a lot of punk shows these days. Their porch is really close to Mikey’s house so we try to walk over there on Thursday’s when we remember.


The same night was the soft opening of the new Little Babies (gourmet ice cream) in West Philly. They opened last year in Fishtown and decided to open a second shop in our hood. We’re all stoked. It’s punk owned and operated, like many of the businesses in West Philly. Punks here have an entrepreneurial spirit, it seems, and I’m sure Philly being relatively cheap makes it more of an option to open weirder small businesses.



Around the house, Albert in my room.


Greens sprouting in the garden.


Vining flowers sprouting in the porch boxes.


Rover practicing his obedience outside in a distracting setting. I just started obedience classes with him two weeks ago. When I first got Rover (seven years ago!), he was a total mess. Filled with anxiety and aggression. I never had the option to enroll him in an obedience class back then because he would attack other dogs on sight. We worked on all of that stuff at home and it helped quell a lot of his anxiety. Many years later, he’s great with other dogs and I decided to enroll him in a class so he could try obedience stuff in a much more stimulating setting. He’s getting great at it.


While packaging up fundraiser drawings, I also sent an original page from my new book, Little Fish, to a silent art auction that is benefiting organizations that fight for free speech in children’s books. My publishing company (Zest Books) sent me the link and said it would be really great to donate to. I’m glad they know about cool things like that, because I’m stoked to participate.


Last week, my full-time nanny baby, Asa, was on vacation. That meant I got to spend a lot of one-on-one time with my three day a week baby, Will. Will is the only one who ever appears on this photoblog because Asa’s family prefer his photos aren’t public online. A legit concern. But I’m only with Will three days a week, when I bring Asa over to his house. It’s a nanny share. It was great to hang with this little dude and spend all day at the playground, which is usually too tough to do when juggling two babies at once.



Lastly, before heading out of town for the weekend, I rented a UHaul van and picked up this pretty couch from a vintage store downtown. It looks really great in our place! We’re slowly trying to fix up our house, one step at a time.


I headed out of town for the weekend on Friday afternoon. After a 6 hour bus ride, I landed in Pittsburgh at 9pm and made my way over to the group house of some friends of friends to crash for the weekend. Punk networks are the best.


I had never met these folks but they offered me a spare key and a spare bedroom. Someone had just moved out so they were fixing up the room, but it was nice to have a quiet place.



I was in Pittsburgh for an event called Drawing Power. It was a day of presentations and panels by comic artists, and I was asked to speak on a panel about self-publishing!


It was really nice and low-key. I learned a lot of from listening to the other panels and presentations, and met some fellow comic artists. Jude Vachon works really hard to get zines and comics represented at the Carnegie Museum. You should look her up!


Boulet, a comic artist from France.


John Porcellino. John was the only other comic artist there who I had met before. He regularly does zine fests, in addition to comic fests, so he is more in my social sphere than other professional comic artists are. I’m still a totally new face in the comics realm.


At the afterparty at Copacetic Comics. Everyone was really friendly and welcoming. It’s always interesting being in a situation all weekend where you actually don’t know anyone. That would have completely terrified me a few years ago.


After hanging out at the book store for a few hours, I walked around the corner to a show. Someone named Max, who I had met once or twice before, had booked it, so I headed over.



A few other comics folks showed up at the show so we sat in the back like nerds drawing jam comics, and then I made my way back to the house to crash.


In the morning, I took the city bus downtown to catch the megabus. Traveling with an iphone is pretty remarkable. Public transit made easy, for the first time ever. I still don’t take it for granted.

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