First Signs of Spring

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Last week was great. I started reading a book for fun, made elaborate dinners, went to the gym four nights in a row, caught up on every little thing in my life, and got to hang out with Mikey a lot. I also socialized on the weekend. So, this is life when you’re not trying to finish as many pages as possible of a comic book every single week. I’m really glad I finished my book right before spring when everyone is starting to buzz with energy. It’s gonna be good.



We put out a photobook and it’s selling really well. People have had a really positive reaction to it and it’s given DIY PHL a lot of new exposure. It’s really cool to see how much this project has grown over a year, and how well it’s functioning now that there are 4 people really actively working on it instead of people just paying attention to it in spurts. It’s something I’m still really excited to be working on.


I’m also getting really excited about house projects. We have two people moving out in May and the two who are replacing them are Mikey (!) and our friend Tiff. Both of them are excited to work on house projects and do things collectively, so that’ll be great for the house as a whole. I’m really excited to work on the physical house, painting rooms, decorating more, and getting our outside spaces together. Last fall I planted bulbs in the front yard and they started peeking up this week.


Last weekend Mikey and I went on a fancy date. I had a gift certificate to a restaurant but the wait ended up being too long (an hour and a half!) so we went around the corner to El Rey, whose wait was still long but not nearly as bad. It was delicious.



Looking pretty disheveled. I specifically remember thinking when Mikey took this photo, “I probably should have showered before going on a fancy date. Whoops.” Not that Mikey cares, but you know.



Afterward, I showed Mikey the glory that is Yogorino. That pistachio sauce is all I ever want to eat. I learned about a lot of spots around Rittenhouse when I nannied around there last year. I would just walk around all day popping in and out of different boutiques and restaurants to kill time. I have a lot of Center City favorites as a result, but rarely go to them anymore since I don’t work down there now.


The March DIY PHL calendar came out last week, which is always exciting. It had 66 shows on it, which is just absurd. How does Philly sustain that many diy shows?!


Bruises from the barbell at crossfit. I went too heavy on power cleans one day last week and ended up with sloppy form by the end of the workout, which means hitting my collar bone on a lot of reps. Yow. But at my original crossfit gym in Chicago, they talked about using the body as a tool and how people just aren’t used to bumps and scrapes and bruises and callouses anymore because so many of us work in offices at computers instead of on a farm or in a factory. I always think of that when I get Crossfit related marks on my body. It’s OKAY to get scrapes and bruises from working hard. My old crossfit coach was a construction worker and I think he was a little annoyed by how precious a lot of people felt.


Rover, one night, giving me the saddest look because I was eating in front of him.


Rover as pillow.


On Friday night, Waxahatchee had a record release show at Golden Tea House.





My roommate Laura showed up looking totally L.A. (which is where she’s from).


When we came out of the show, Grace discovered that her front wheel had been stolen off her bike while it was locked up outside. Pretty big bummer for the end of the night. But she ended up crashing at our place, and we went to Mikey’s in the morning to make a big brunch.


We ended up laying around doing nothing for a big chunk of the day. Mikey played us some Taylor Swift covers. We sent a lot of snap chats. We were lazy and hid under blankets in Mikey’s freezing house. It was fun.


Then I left to spend the night babysitting a five year old, and spent all of my Saturday night putting together puzzles and getting paid for it. It was great.


On Sunday, Mikey and I met Carol for brunch, and then I hung around at home and made a cake for fun and hung out with Laura while she did homework.


In the afternoon, we headed out for a birthday party for Davidson.


We all went to an indoor waterpark which wasn’t quite as cool as any of us wanted it to be. The slides were coooold, but fun, there was a warming tub, which we all wanted to be a hot tub, but it wasn’t, and there were kids eeeeeeverywhere.


but still, it doesn’t really matter when you’re with a big group of friends.




Leigh shreddin some waves.




Can’t wait for warmer weather and more group hangs.

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  1. leigh says:

    if i could get a good enough groupon i would go back. i need to clock like 3 more hours on flowrider until i can out hotdog all those showboatin’ dads.

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