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Swoon City has two rooms available starting May 1! Located at 49 & Walnut. One room avail. for $320, one for $350.

We’re seeking people to fill two bedrooms in our house. The house is three floors with a usable basement (currently housing a drum set, Guy’s art studio, tools, storage stuff, and a washer and dryer), 7 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a big front porch. The rooms available are the two smaller rooms on the third floor, and rent is cheaper as a result. Ramsey’s room and studio, and a bathroom are also on the third floor.


We’re all clean and organized and are looking for someone who is the same. We’re most interested in people who are engaged in their own shit, personal projects, school, bands, community projects, etc. We keep a pretty quiet, but active household. We range in age from 22-30 but are seeking people on the higher end of that range.


Guy is a special needs therapist, artist, and musician. Josh works in a vegan restaurant, plays in a band and likes snobby films. Laura is just finishing undergrad at Bryn Mawr and works for (and loves) Girls Rock Philly. She’s a creative writer. Ramsey is a nanny and comic book artist who spends a lot of time holed up in her studio (she has the 7th bedroom as a studio). She also likes to work on house projects, and does DIY PHL.¬†Guy and Laura are a couple.

We’re capped out on animals, so we can’t live with anyone who has any more – and obviously you need to be friendly with animals. We currently have three cats, Pippa, Lucy and Albert. Mostly they stick around the 2nd floor but Albert will be all up in your stuff if you leave your door open. Rover the dog also lives there, and comes with shedding, but is otherwise one of the best roommates you’ll ever have.

We are open to all genders and gender identities, are queer friendly, etc. We’re all cis. We’re currently half vegetarian, and half straightedge and are cool with all variations of that stuff. We wouldn’t be down with smoking in the house, though.
We have a monthly house meeting/dinner and a chore chart, so ideally we are looking for folks who are into organized living and open communication. We’re not hippies, or activists or anything, really. We just think it’s easier to keep our big house functioning well that way. That makes us sound a lot more communal than we are.

If you’re interested, get in touch with someone who lives there or email ramseybeyer@gmail.com.

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