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Well, my resolution this year was to not start any new big projects for all of 2013. I’ve been sprinting ever since I moved to Philadelphia and just need to chill out. I’ve written two pretty substantial books in less than two years and, aside from weekends that I set aside to travel, I haven’t really had a leisurely weekend in a long time! I want to take 2013 to go to museums, go see movies in the theater, work on my house and garden, try new restaurants, bike around aimlessly and draw only short, stress-free comic projects.

Of course, right when we got back, I got the edits in on my book, so I’ve been racing to get as many of those done before the deadline. We’re also coming up on the one year anniversary of a Philly show calendar that I helped start with a few other people, and we decided, pretty last minute, to put together a 2012 show photobook. It has come together surprisingly quickly, and we should have it out by DIY PHL’s birthday next month. ( No Big Project 2013 will start after February maybe.

The weekend immediately following our return from Moon, we had a DIYPHL meeting to start planning on the photobook. It devolved into a late night pizza sesh.


Sprocket was there too.



I also set to work finally building our kitchen table. I had bought this old barn door a week or so before Christmas, and then ordered some fancy steel legs online, but they take a little while to get fabricated. So they arrived once we were back from Moon. Once I had it all together, I just lightly sanded this guy down and put on two coats of polyurethane.


It came together really easily and turned out exactly how I had imagined. I have a lot of ideas for our house but it will take a long time to implement them all, especially since our house is so big and has so many spaces. One little thing at a time.



Aside from little house stuff and DIYPHL, I also returned to work full-time.



and got back to working long hours on the book, which is closing in.


Stopping on a bike commute home to revel in the fact that it was nearly 5:30 and still a little light out.


Another late night with an ignorant amount of pizza, the 28in party pizza from Allegro’s.


Rover and Sprocket reunited after a long break for the holidays. They were very happy to see each other.


Sufi, one of Mikey’s roommate’s cat.


Brad with a freshly broken wrist from a bike accident.


The Ambulars played in the middle of last week. They’re one of my favorite bands, not because my friends are in it. It’s just exactly the type of mid-tempo indie pop punk stuff that I like.  You can download their album there for free.


On Friday night, we had the layout meeting for the photobook. It’s really awesome and surprising how many photo submissions we got! It gave us the ability to really curate the selection, which was fun.


Right now, DIY PHL is Me, Max, Mikey and Grace.


Jen came over to hang out for a while toward the end of our meeting, since she wouldn’t be in town much longer.


Sprocket and Rover cuddled some more. Or, I guess really, Sprocket cuddled on Rover some more.


They’ve gotten real cute.


The following morning, before The Ambulars left for some weekend shows in other cities.



Back at home, with Rover and some bright light. I don’t get to be home often to enjoy the light in my bedroom when it’s at its best. Just on weekends.



I proceeded to spend the entire rest of the weekend working on book edits. This was my view for most of it, with the exception of an hour or two when I got to meet up with Adam and Joe who were in town from NYC. I watched almost the whole season of Once Upon A Time. No shame… (okay, a little shame.)

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  1. Shannon says:

    Ramsey, I love that table!

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