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Last week was Mikey’s birthday. I sort of failed because normally I love birthdays as a chance to make something creative and heartfelt but I’ve been so caught up with this book that I basically gave Mikey an IOU for a creative heartfelt gift. Big bummer. I feel so selfish when I get overwhelmed with my own projects and place them in front of people I love but I’ve been so stressed and worn down that the idea of putting creative energy into something else was not really on the table. Last week I felt on the verge of an anxiety attack most days, which I haven’t really felt in years (since college maybe? since ever maybe?). Mid-week, I made myself snap out of it and start taking care of myself. I realized I had been eating terrible food and not drinking enough water and those things definitely make me feel way worse and off my game. It’s a direct result of the stress, but then those things make me feel even more stressed out. It’s a pretty terrible cycle. On Wednesday I picked myself up by my bootstraps and decided to take a mental health day to get things in order and stop psyching myself out with deadlines. Of course, by take a mental health day, I meant just really focus on what I was putting in my body while working a 9 hour day, followed by 4 hours of work on my book. Only a few more weeks..

On Tuesday, we celebrated Mikey’s birthday. He came over when I got home from work and Rover gave him some bday kisses.


Then we all went out to dinner at Dock Street.







Then we went back to Mikey’s house to hang out. We were going to have a fire but it was too cold.



Playing monkey in the middle with Sprocket


Ciera and Sprocket



I love that Ambrose hangs out more now. All it took was a few DC folks moving to town.




The rest of the week, I just worked on the book, watched LOST with Mikey, and worked as a nanny. For the most part, I just wake up at 6am, do some work in my studio, get to work at 8, get home from work by 5:30, make dinner, and work on my book until bed at 10pm. It doesn’t leave much to be photographed.

Here’s my friend Will at work one day. This little dude has an unlimited supply of energy and doesn’t like to sleep very much. He’s also constantly moving his limbs. Obviously, the drum is the perfect instrument for him. His middle name is Bonham, which is fitting.


Rover on a sleepy, sunny Saturday morning.


On Saturday night, Mikey and I went to a wedding in NJ for family friends he grew up with. It was fun to be at a wedding with someone else who doesn’t drink OR dance. We were total squares together.


Our drink of choice, the shirley temple.



Mikey and his mom.



Mikey looked very sharp in his suit!


It was really interesting to meet long-time friends of his family and see the type of people he grew up around. That’s always fascinating.


Mikey’s parents cuttin a rug!



This big vent was sucking my dress.


The weekend was steeped in family stories and lineage surrounding these four friends from law school, including Mikey’s dad, and all the relationships that have generated as a result. It was fun to see.


We came back Sunday afternoon and lazed around for an hour or so. I was planning to get work done but we ran errands instead, which was also very necessary.


We went to target and bought warm clothes and socks and returned our space heaters that broke the first night we got them. Here’s my new winter costume (plus slippers, which I already owned).


We ended the night making a delicious dinner (twice baked sweet potatoes and kale salad with goat cheese and oranges!) We fell asleep watching LOST. The weekend, as a whole, was a nice break from working on the book. Now I can get back to it.

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  1. lacy davis says:

    Ramsey! Those sweet potatoes look bangin’. You got a recipe for tose mamma jammas?

    • Ramsey says:

      I kind of just make them up! I “bake” the sweet potatoes in the microwave for 25 minutes (or you can bake them in the oven at 375 for an hour). When they’re soft and cooked through, cut out the top and scoop out the inside, leaving a little bit so that the shell stays up by itself.

      Put the insides in a bowl, mix them with whatever you feel like! It just depends on what I have in the fridge. This time I sauteed half an onion, mushrooms, and half a zuchinni, all diced small with some salt and apple cider vinegar (just a little). Add that to the sweet potato guts. Add a little liquid, like almond milk or soy milk or whatever kinda milk you like. Add some butter if you want. Add salt and pepper. I added some seasoned goat cheese. But you could add cream cheese, sour cream, etc. Or leave that out. I just like to make them a little creamy and flavorful. Mix it all up and stuff it back into the sweet potato. Top with chives and cheese, or chives and bacos or sunflower seeds, or tempeh bits, or whatever you want for a little crunch. Pop them back in the oven under the broiler for 10 minutes. Super simple, just takes a little time for the potatoes to bake initially. So good though. Crispy on top, creamy in the middle, and a crispy potato skin if you brush them with olive oil before baking.

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