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I was a little behind on my photoblog but I haven’t taken many photos in the last two weeks because I’ve been on a sprint to get my new book finished. So, I’m easily able to squeeze two weeks into this post since I don’t have many photos.

Obviously, right after Halloween, Hurricane Sandy was on its way and in Philly we were preparing for the worst, since there was no telling where it would hit and if we would lose power or not.


I got some shitty non-perishable food from the bodega across the street because I didn’t want to wait in the long lines of the cleaned out grocery stores, and I didn’t really think we would end up with much trouble. In the end, obviously, we all know Philly didn’t really get hit.


But I did get two days off work as a result off the residual hurricane weather we did get, and transit being shut down for two days. I used those two days to get a lot of work done.


We “hunkered down” at Mikey’s house, Real World, and waited for the storm.


There was supposed to be a show that Monday night with Parasol and Waxahatchee, but the basement it was supposed to be in was damp from all the rain, and no one expected a good turn out because of the winds/storm. But since the touring band was stranded in Philly for a few days, Real World decided to host an acoustic version of the show since the touring band was staying there. Mikey was asked to play an acoustic set too. Here he is playing around on the organ before practicing for his set.


Jim and Will. Jim was playing the show too, as The Holidays.



Lily playing for Parasol.


Katie playing as Waxahatchee.


Checking out the storm from the porch, post-show. We did have a ton of rain and wind, and people kept saying “it’s this bad now, just wait until Sandy actually reaches shore!” but this is really the worst we got. Trees fell down but no one I know lost power, except obviously, for friends in NJ and NY. It’s pretty scary to see the damage that occurred elsewhere and great to see so many people I know pitching in for relief efforts.



Back at home, my roommate Laura freaking out Rover with a tiger mask left over from our Halloween party a few nights earlier.


Lots more book work.



One morning later that week I woke up at 4am and saw a huge billowing cloud of smoke coming up over West Philly. In my sleepy daze I started to panic because it was clearly a big fire and coming from the direction of where many of my friends houses are. I waited to hear sirens, but didn’t end up hearing anything so I figured it wasn’t an emergency. In my sleepy haze, for some reason, I took this photo before going back to bed. A few days later, on my bike ride home, I noticed a totally burned out row house where the smoke must have been coming from. Yikes.


Documentation of how long my hair has gotten, since someone asked. I’ve been growing it out for so long but have worn it up for most of the grow-out process.


Three years ago, my hair looked like this (I also wore glasses!):


Hanging christmas lights on the balcony before putting plastic insulation over my windows.


These guys are best buds. It’s so awesome to see how much Rover’s anxiety has calmed down over the years. The fact that he’s even slightly willing to cuddle on people now is astounding to me. Rover started out as a dog who needed a ton of space and was really claustrophobic and skittish. He’s come so far in the 6 years I’ve had him.


Morning light


After two weeks of cold, suddenly we had some warmth roll in and it felt like really pleasant fall again. No socks for as long as possible. I only slightly regretted having already put plastic over my windows because it would have been nice to have my windows open this weekend while it was 60 degrees.


Mikey using rover as a machine gun. Mikey has been a real trooper through this book process. He’s very understanding that most nights and most weekends I just need to sit in front of my computer or in front of my drawing pad working for 6 or 7 hour stretches at a time. I don’t think I could ever date someone who isn’t creative because I don’t know that most people would be tolerant of that unless they were prone to do it themselves.


This weekend we literally spent 8-9 hours each day working on projects.


We did go to a show Friday night at Cloud City




Guy and Will

Sprocket and Rover are good friends


On Sunday, we spent the whole day working and watching LOST. Mikey has never seen it. It’s fun to watch from the beginning again.


Into the night.


Sunday night, I took Mikey out for a fancy late night dinner date for his birthday.


We got dressed up and took photos.



We went to Barbuzzo, which is my favorite fancy restaurant in Philly so far.




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  1. stephanie says:

    you and mikey are so cute!

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