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One of the big dogs at one of my babe’s houses. This is Theo. He’s a giant goofball.


That’s Sadie, his gentle old lady.


There were some really beautiful days last week, which I made the most of with the little dudes. Weather has fully switched over to fall and I love it but am already dreading winter.



Last week was my roommate Bonnie’s birthday. She’s the youngin of the household. She just turned 21!


At home with Rover


During a bit of downtime on a nanny day, I sewed Rover this new collar. He’s mildly into it. He doesn’t like wearing collars much.



Another day last week we had a huge storm. I risked it and rode my bike to work, since it wasn’t raining at 7am. But on the ridehome at 5:30 I did get a little soaked.


Then I took Rover for a walk…


and got really really soaked.



Big trees on my street. West Philly forever.


The rest of the week was spent working on commissions,



making myself good healthy meals,



grappling with our house cat Albert, who has a really big personality and was driving me crazy last week


going on a weeknight date with Mikey to dinner and a screening of Sleep Walk With Me, a movie produced by This American Life,


and nannying some more…


Finally, on Friday evening, Mikey and I took a bus up to New York so I could get tattooed there this weekend.


Our bus was late so we hopped off and found hole-in-the-wall indian food because we were too hungry to look for somewhere we really wanted to eat. It was really good though.



Green mouth. Eating pictures are always the most flattering.


From there, we made our way to Brooklyn, where we were crashing with Mikey’s friend in a punk loft called 201.


We watched part of a movie about train hopping, and then started to watch that movie Hannah, but I fell asleep right away in this pile of bedding. I woke up in the middle of the night and moved to a couch and in the morning the cat was sleeping where I had been.


There were 4 cats in the loft. This one had weird orange eyes.



We headed out in the morning to get breakfast at Champs but the wait ended up being too long, so we grabbed New York bagels on the way to my tattoo appointment instead.




I got a little tattoo on my arm by Mike Adams. I really like his work so I travelled up there to get something done by him. He was really great! Very friendly, very fast, and had a really light touch. The tattoo was done in no time and hardly hurt.




We walked around for most of the rest of the day and stumbled upon a street fair, where we ate smoothies and I bought a dress. I look really tired here. I’ve been getting too little sleep for most of the last week. Having to wake up so early for work is a bummer because it means going to bed early at night if I want real sleep. Last week I made a lot of exceptions to my real sleep rule because I wanted to hang out with Mikey. and sleep in the loft was not great. I need to catch up this week.


After shopping for a while, we went back to Brooklyn, got coffee, and hung out in a park to kill time before dinner.


Then we met my friend Linda for arepas, which I had never had before. They were really good and it was great to see Linda.


We ate on the outdoor patio at the arepas spot, and as dinner was ending made plans to go over to the waterfront since it was so beautiful out. But by the time we walked through the restaurant to the front, it was downpouring! So we headed over to the Roebling Tea House where Linda’s friends were hanging out.



We splurged on a cab since it was still raining and headed back to the warehouse around midnight.


We went up on the roof with a lot of other people who lived there or who were crashing. I was pretty sleepy but it was nice and had a cool view.


In the morning, we took our time getting ready to leave.



Mikey is a cat whisperer.




The last thing we did in New York (aside from waiting in a megabus line for a really long time) was grab brunch with my friend Adam and his lady. It was really nice to catch up with Adam and brunch was delicious. We went to a spot called Beco.


Megabus was a total mess this weekend and they ended up boarding us on a charter bus instead, which you think might be nice, but there were no outlets or internet or other silly amenities I was sort of looking forward to using on the ride home. We just listened to This American Life.


New York was a lot of fun and I love my tattoo but I can’t wait to have a really lazy weekend at home.

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