Last Week of Summer

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This past week was my last week of summer. I start work full-time after today. It’s been a whirlwind summer and aside from a couple trips, I don’t think I did anything really summery, which is weird to think back on. I spent a lot of it trying to get work done. Adulthood, or something.


Dinner at the Taco Shop with my housemates, Erika, Laura and Guy.


Followed by fancy popsicles from the Lil Pop shop next door.


Beautiful days. Most of the week was really sunny and gorgeous. It got a little too hot for a couple days but I’ll take a couple more days of summer heat before cold sets in.


Light in my room.


Early this week, Mikey played an acoustic show at his house with a few other folks. He sounded great and you can watch his set here:



Pat Graham, from Spraynard, played too.




Two folks I met that night


We got Luckys and hung out in the parking lot like a bunch of teenagers.


On Wednesday, I worked with one of my nanny babies, Will. He’s the older one. He’s 5 months old and lives in this really pretty house right near Grindcore House, the vegan coffeeshop in South Philly.


Here’s Will! I’ll be watching him Tues, Wed, and Thurs every week along with my other nanny baby, Asa, who I won’t be posting any photos of at parental request. For the first time ever, I’ll have a secret nanny baby. I always ask permission before including my babes on my photoblog.


After work, Mikey met me downtown after running errands and we ran a few more. One of the errands was to go get a table for my front porch finally!


Then we had a sleepy afternoon on a really golden day.



Mike invited us over for dinner at the Mitten.


Ryan came too!


We mostly talked about old bands and sports.



We made a big veggie curry. It was really good. This was our second weekly dinner with Mike. We’re going to try to keep it up.


Back at Mikey’s, we played around with my camera trying to figure out how to do a multiple exposure. We failed. But here’s a photo of Mikey.


Getting sat on by Sprocket, like usual. I don’t know who took this picture. I’m not sure if pictures really convey the energy level that Sprocket has…


It’s high. This picture seems vulgar in hindsight.


Nathalie was in town for a day or two before heading up to New York.


She was hanging out with Ambrose, which meant Ambrose actually came to hang out!


He said he’s turning over a new leaf and is going to actually start hanging out in Philly more. About time.



A morning on the porch.


I headed downtown with Mikey while he got fingerprinted in this really funny little truck. We were looking for the address and assumed it was a building. We pulled up and realized it was actually this. Haha.




We also stopped by a few places to get the last things I needed to make my porch cute. I spent the rest of the day working on my porch.


Rover’s new viewing hole.


My house. It’s so much more charming now that our porch has something going on. We really need to fix up the yard. And next spring I want to fill my third floor balcony with plants, especially vining ones so that they hang over and make our house look really green. My bedroom is that third floor one with three windows and the balcony off it.




My new roommate Craig, with Rover. Rover has so many buddies in his life now. My last roommates liked Rover a lot, but it was just two of them. Now Rover has six people around all the time giving him attention. I think he’s a very happy pup, though I’m sure he misses Jacob.


On Saturday, I spent the entire day at a coffeeshop working on a new comic. Mikey hung out and worked on his website, and Perry came over after a while and worked on the next DIY PHL calendar.


I was there from noon until close, at 9pm, and got so much done.


Rover came over to Mikey’s house yesterday for a lazy hang out work day. I worked on comics a little while we watched some Survivor man show.


Sprocket and rover have become really good buddies.




Tomorrow I officially start working again full-time. Today I should finally have a studio again which means I can get really organized and jump head first into working on my new book. Big things ahead.

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